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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Matt7168, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Just updated the scooter for a BMW G650GS to mainly commute but have an option for a longer ride.

    Really love it so far and would appreciate any experienced riders out there who have one to offer and tips and let me know any issues or suggestions relating to the bike.

    I am already looking into upgrading the seat to something a bit more comfortable, and have posted something in the other section about this.

    The only really annoying thing I have noticed so far after a few weeks is the incredible heat that blasts onto your right leg when the fan kicks in. Its really hot and on a hot day is a bit uncomfortable.

    If anyone is interested in buying one, they are getting rid of the 2015 models at under $10K brand new. I bought a demo with 800km on it and saved another $1,000 +. Really good value.

    Very different to the scooter, but loving it so far


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  2. Under $10K is very good value for a G650GS!
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  3. This bike is in my short list. Hope to get to a shop this weekend and have a good look at one. Or the 700
  4. That was also on my list! Can i ask where you purchased it from? BMW dealer directly? How does it feel in heavy traffic? being on my L's ,i want something nimble and comfortable to zip around
  5. I just bought one as a second bike..planning more off road stuff. Really happy so far....
  6. I decided on the F700GS. I don't need a lams bike so thought why not. Wish the budget stretched to the F800GS though lol
  7. "Oh the heeeeaaat, the heeeeaaat!!" Elaine Benes
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  8. I used to own a 2006 F650GS. On one occasion when crossing the Hay plains on a hot day I found the heat on my right leg so bad I had to fold some newspaper and wedge it into the top of my boot inside my pants leg. Newspaper is a good insulator. I travelled a trouble free 65,000 kms on that bike and may look for a G650GS as my next bike.
  9. As the owner of an F7 , I could have easily bought an F8, which IMnsHO is a triumph of BMW marketing over common sense.
    Neither are off road bikes , and the smidgen further that an F8 might go in marginal conditions is not worth all the shortcomings of riding a small truck.
    I'm not over excited about some F7 attributes, mostly the vibration and the silly first gear ratio…otherwise it's a good bike.