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BMW G650Gs v F700GS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kurnel, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Thought I'd post briefly on these two bikes, having owned both in the last year.

    I got my first bike for my 8th Birthday living on a farm, a Honda XR80. It was 1976 !

    In the last 5 years I have gotten a license and now commute. Started on a scooter which didn't last very long.

    On a bit of an impulse buy I purchased a new BMW G650GS. Test rode it but no others at the time and loved it immediately.

    Over the next 6 months did around 3000km commuting in Sydney during which time the bike regularly experienced some "software" issues. I wont go into it now as that is not what the post is about. (PM me to discuss if you want to).

    After prolonged dealings with the dealer and BMW, I was given the opportunity to upgrade the bike to a new F700GS for a small price increase. It was a good offer.

    From the very first ride, I cannot begin to explain how much better this bike is. Twin instead of a single and only a bit more power, but its a completely different motorcycle in so many ways. From what I understand its $3,500 more than G650GS new and it is worth every cent of it. If I had have test ridden the F700 when I bought the G650, I would have found the extra money, or sold a kidney to buy it then.

    I now count myself lucky there were problems with the other bike and I was given the opportunity to get this one. If you in the market for a G650, do yourself a favour and test ride an F700 !

    I'll add that I cannot fault the service offered by Procycles St Peters and BMW in dealing with the problem I had with the first bike.

    Hope this helps someone out there shopping


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  2. I was looking at these two bikes and went for the F700GS mostly cause I could. Didn't need a LAMS bike and the boss had said it was in the budget.

    Hope you're enjoying it more than me though since I've been away with work for a while and haven't ridden in ages.
  3. I'm glad you got the twin, it really is a much better bike. As far as Procycles, I will never spend a single cent in either of their dealerships, even if they were the last Beemer dealer on the planet.
  4. WOW....I really have nothing but good things to say about them. They could have easily stuffed me around big time but both the Sales and Service managers were awesome. Sure the bike I purchased had a problem but they accepted it, and did everything they could to ensure that I was happy as the customer.

    Amazing how experiences differ. I have no relationship at all with Procycles, but would recommend them to anyone.

    Each to their own, they certainly must have done the wrong thing by you at some stage.
  5. Not just me I'm afraid...many others will sing the same tune, simply Google them for many more horror stories.