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Bmw g650gs sertao or Yamaha xt660z tenere

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by RRdevil, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Looking for a single cylinder adventure bike it's down to these two. They both make pretty much same power etc. Any opinions on either. Will be fitting tkc80 tyres before taking it from dealer. Can get bmw for $10990 rideaway currently. And the tenere I can get a demo with 40kms for $12k ish

  2. Tough choice..... Sorry I couldn't pick either
  3. Why is that?
  4. I'm not a great fan of BMW singles (I'm aware of more than one that's had horrible reliability problems) so, of the two, I'd favour the Yam. However, I'm not convinced the Yam does anything sufficiently better than the simpler, cheaper, aircoolers like the Suzi DR or Yam's own XT/TT family to justify the substantial extra cost and complication.
  5. I've actually read that since the rotax engine has been being built in China the tolerances are far better and they are having less problems. I've had heaps of superbikes and superpsorts now it's time for me to get into something else. Of course this all hinges on my bike selling next friday
  6. couldn't pick between them... think id be happy with either.

    that's probably clearer.
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  7. Haveyou looked at the Husky TR650, given you came off the nuda I assumed you would have. Has an improved donk compared to the sertao, and a bunch of other improvements from memory.

    Only catch is support, or the lack thereof. Price is comparable.

    I was looking at that vs. 690r vs. 950SE, ha ha.
  8. Bmw has a few farkles fitted from factory, heated grips etc.
  9. I have seen a few BMW's come up on Bikesales with over 100Kkms. At $11K that seems pretty good buy.

    Have you tested them?
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    Only the Yamaha so far. Bmw hopefully Monday or tuesday

    uploadfromtaptalk1382734066277. uploadfromtaptalk1382734078411.
    The bmw is about 10kg lighter but the tenere has a bigger fuel tank.

    10mm more front suspension travel on the bmw. Abs and heated grips standard. Abs is switchable

    Not happening anyway. Had to tume down the buyer. Wife would not budge on the year long promise. Couldn't live without a bike for 12 months
  11. Honestly you wouldnt be satisfied with a 600cc single only coming off the Husky. Work out how to get two bikes in the garage
  12. I test rode a tenere660 once on the road and at 80km/h plus there was massive head buffeting from the upright screen causing wind turbulance. Im a fan of the yamaha brand i have a couple of smaller yammy dirtbikes and i reckon the tenere would be great offroad but the standard screen is no good if youre planning on an long distance road travel
  13. Buffeting is very individual, someone 5cm shorter might be ok, or taller
  14. Yes buffeting is quite individual. Some people like to have their head pounded like a punching bag by the wind more than others, Not.
  15. I'd go the Bimmer, just coz.
  16. I had a similar decision difficulty, The BMW was a great bike but so was the Tenere. I went with the BMW as I couldnt afford the Yamaha. Both have pro's n cons of course.
  17. BMW no choice but no reason either. Height is an issue and the option of a lower seat makes a difference.
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  18. True that Grinch, I reckon the Tenere spud be a bit better off road from what I have read.
  19. Definitely. From what I can work out, they were only on the Aussie market for about fifteen minutes or so. Super-small fueltank and the "terra" version has no ABS. (Then again, neither does the Tenere 660 we get in Australia, but the Tenere has a huuuuuuuge fueltank at least).

    The Sertao seems like a massive bargain - heated grips, ABS... I'm sure it needs a bit of armouring up and some suspension work, but even a kickarse Wilbers shock with all the bells and whistles combined with resprung/revalved front forks shouldn't be more than $2300ish all up. Add a few hundred barks for crashbars and stuff, and it's still probably cheaper than the Tenere660's 14k price?
  20. Selling my Sertao if you want it SpotsSpots