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BMW Forward Footrests

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. I've had these in mind for a while for the father-in-law as a birthday present...

    anyone have/use/used similar? comments?

  2. What a top idea, with a top-high price to boot.
  3. Would be cool but JEBUS! The price!
  4. I LOVE the engineering, what a beautiful piece of work. I don't like the concept, however, of taking feet away from the pedals they are supposed to be operating.

    (horses for courses, I know)
  5. you're gonna love riding with Sir Scuffy

    more for touring, stretching etc. Would be a non-functional in the twisties.
  6. I take my feet off the pegs on long highway runs and rest them on top of the Renntec engine bars; having a second, fixed, position for your feet can provide a rest. The price though, Dan, you haven't recently won LOTTO, have you?
  7. If your dad's anything like as old as I suspect, He's not gonna be happy when he goes to stretch his legs forward and out (do you know how far apart they are?) after an hour in the saddle and strains a muscle in the thigh/groin/calf/lower back.

    Forward controls can be comfortable, but those things get your feet a long way away from their operating environment, and a sudden need to use a gearshift or brake (like when a 'roo pops out of nowhere) is going to put some odd strains on 'mature' muscles and ligaments.

    Oh.. and ask him first. You'd feel a goose spending megabucks on a gift that he thinks makes him look like a d1ckhead.
  8. but they look SO TRICK, mike!!!
  9. I must admit, while I'm not fond of the application, I'm rather taken with the engineering, and the lateral thinking involved.
  10. Yeh, as I said, the engineering is super
    It's almost as if BMW left that gap in the rocker cover for just that purpose, isn't it?
  11. What if he strains his neck doing a head check? He'd best stop riding altogether for fear of freak injuries.

    What if, what if, what if...? Given like most riders on long hauls he resorts to occasionally stretching legs out in front/dangling at the side (can be dangerous), and not eternally prepared to stomp on the rear brake when cruising wide open roads. Forward pegs have been on cruisers for years.

    I'm looking for anything to stop him buying a Harley - one of the reasons he wants one is the forward pegs. Oh and I know him pretty well (duh) that's why I came up with the gift idea. :?
  12. Good point
    I rode a mate's Suzuki Volusia with forward controls and it was the first time I'd ridden like that. I found it most strange and the way that the wide tank forced my legs apart was very uncomfortable.
    Still, he loves it so....
    as I said before, horses for courses....(and that has nothing to do with the Rider Down thread either)