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Bmw f800r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Rushne, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I currently ride a CB400 which is great. However I get off my restrictions in Jan next year and am starting to investigate new bikes.

    I have stumbled across the BMW F800R and at first I thought it looked a bit strange, but it's really grown on me!
    Does anyone else feel the same way?

    I was for a while there, looking at a new Daytona 675 (still am I guess), but looking further I found that I like the F800R as a naked bike with something a little different. (I guess it doesn't help that I have been watching Long Way Round and Long Way Down recently)

    Then again, if all goes well with work in Oct and I get a pay rise, I may just buy the S1000RR :)

    Either way. I will test ride all the bikes and see which one I like but am posting to find out peoples thoughts. (I guess you have to be on your open license to test these bikes anyway right?)

  2. Yeah, it appeals to me. By all accounts quite good. The only problem, for this and every other middleweight nekkid, is that the Triumph Street Triple is better.
  3. I LOVED the look of it. It really grew on me too...

    Till I took it for a test ride [-(:facepalm:[-X

    Was the weirdest feeling bike, didn't feel comfortable, and the power that it has isn't felt easily.

    I really had to have a go at the throttle before I felt a response.

    Go for a Street Triple for sure.
  4. I have the F800ST. These motors and gearboxes take a long, long time to free up. About 8 - 10k in my case. If the bike you rode was brand new, its not giving its best.
  5. It has one thing going for it... it isn't a Street Triple, they are as common as fleas on a dog by now!
    I just think it was unfortunate they changed to a conventional chain in this model, I'd find it a lot more appealing if they kept the belt from F800ST.
  6. Well, I was considering it, but then instead bought the Trumpy Sprint RS - different and not many of them around. It's still got the chunky behind, bikini fairing and personality, just more power. Can still take panniers andthe throttle is much more fun :D
  7. Loved the look of this , and good value for money with some nice little tricks built into it ..
    and options like...
    on board computer?
    ABS brakes.
    tyre pressure control system

    spiffy ... but

    I had a test ride scheduled, but after riding a street triple , and then the speed triple.... I canceled the test....I couldn't imagine anything being better.
  8. That's an understandably common scenario.
  9. IMO they look rubbish, but whatever works for you if I was going for one of the BMW's it would be the 800ST.

    As mentioned the Street Triple is probably a better bike but for something great and a bit different take a look at the aprilia shiver.
  10. A mate of mine has one and he absolutely loves it.

    Sure they are not as powerful as the speed triple but he is blindingly quick on it (this is a bloke I saw scrape both footpegs while going down reefton on a wet day on his bmw 1100GS), so it all comes down to the nut behind the wheel

    They are a good looking bike, they go well, they handle well, have pretty good resale and they are something a little different.

    Dont listen to the nay sayers, try one on for size yourself

  11. Wow ! At the same time ?!?!?

  12. wow, wouldnt that be a good trick........

  13. Yes, belt and single sided swing arm like the F800S/ST would have been nice.

    The F800R does have a few nice touches, like the Brembo brakes, Ohlins steering damper, LED indicators, and very loud horn. ABS and TPM are nice optional extras, too.

    So far I've only seen one on the road, may be it's still very new in the local market.
  14. what about a Superduke if you want something a little different ??

    the 800 twin the Beemer is quite underwhelming and the suspension on them leave a lot to be desired