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Bmw f800r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lui, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Anyone considered F800R to be the next bike? Test rode it last week, it looks great and easy to ride, but sounds a bit weak (not sure if a slip-on can fix that, Akrapovic is in the accessory list). $16,000 on road, your thoughts?

  2. Thanks, will continue in the other thread.
  3. I know what you mean about the sound. Over-refined.

    For what it's worth, though, I heard Pfeiffer's F800R with an Akra slip-on in Germany while he was hooning around in Garnisch, and it sounded surprisingly damn good.
  4. i bought a brand new chris pfeiffer 800r and irt really nice especially wirh the akra that came factory the baffle can come off with one screw out.mine cost me 18500 from procycle in st peters.mine now has 2000 kilometres on the clock and wont start anymore as it show a EWS error -which means some problem with the antenna reader around the key .i rang bmw assist and they are happy to bring the bike back into their workshops which is located 150 kilometers from where i live i then must arrange to take a day off work to go and get it and arrange my own transport.so because i have not got the time off work and the bike is still under warranty its just sitting in the corner rotting away yes 2030 kilometers on the clock.the part out of germany cost 40 dollars so i have ordered the replacement part from germany and ill fit it when it get here.so basically i am paying for parts that should be covered under warranty -thats not a good start.The other good part is the servicing BMW tell me that unless the bike is taken back to them no more warranty!so carefull bad boys out there if you do your own maintenance oil changes etc and dont forget they have the fantastic bad ass machine called the gt1 who only they have and no one else so youll have to pay 350 dollars for an oil change and their stamp. so if you want to consider your f800r for your next bike try to make sure you live next door so you can take it there everytime there is a problem, make sure you have 350 dollars for an oil change and their stamp and a whole day to leave you bike there so they can do it at their lesure in 30 minutes and charge you accordingly.frankly i love the bike its just a bit hurtfull when youre left stranded on the woolies carpark on a saturday night with an ews error.
  5. Don't know much about them but there is a black and white one parked near me often. Absolutely top looking bike. I have seen the ST(?) one that has a belt and the R appears to have chain - the belt is enough to have me considering the ST over the R.
  6. seems to me that the belt is finished/over its obvoius bmw must have had some problems with it as now its a chain.i consider the chain to be an upgrade .other question do you live next to a bmw motorcycle workshop and can you offord the 350 dollars oil change? cause if you do your own oil change they say you loose your warranty, i replied look i am ac=tually a qualified motorcycle mechanic and have my own workshop, they told me it didnt matter so according to them their mechanic are better then anyone else as only they are approved what a load of S#$t.they are so good that plenty of bolts were missing off my bike upon delivery, some of the parts delivered to me for my center stand were missing which mean i could not fit it.you really ask yourself if they do it on purpouse so they get the bike back to fit the parts i paid for and i did not recieve.also thei parts in Australia are more then double the price of these same parts sold in germany yesk less then half the price anyone buying parts of bmw Australia Has to get their heads examined you can get the 2 panniers and the mounting racks for less then 1000 dollars in Australia its more then double mesaage me and ill tell you actually where to go -http://www.teileineile.de/
    frankly i am sick of being treated like a moron by BMW.I can change my oil,i can replace my filter,i can tighten my chain , i can even run the computer (aftermarket to reset service light) and i can even stamp my book.but no warranty from BMW .
  7. ^ perhaps you need to refer BMW to DFT if you are in NSW (although am sure most states are similar)

    From DFT NSW website

  8. In addition to the belt drive, the F800ST has SSSW, I see them as a nicer touch, so in that sense the F800R is a downgrade. At the time I started this thread I was on the hunt for a naked bike and I test rode the F800R, Street Triple, and Speed Triple back to back at the same dealership and guess what I bought.

    If you ask me now, the F800GS would probably be a more interesting bike than the F800R. But then need to learn how to change tubes, unlike it's bigger brother R1200GS, it's not compatible with tubeless types.