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BMW f800r naked truth or rumour ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by martych, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Saw this pic rumoured to be BMW's latest edition to the f800 series (as well as the new 800gs- which is a great looking thing as well IMO)....Anyway, here's the pic.

    Any of you BMW fans out there know more ? The 800s is topping my list of replacement bike early next year (as there's a few ex-demos out there for reasonable prices) BUT if this naked version is confirmed, Ill be waiting.


  2. Looks orrite.

    I'm about to order the F800ST :)
  3. I saw that a couple of months ago, i thought it was just a photoshop? Gotta say it looks good tho, even if it doesnt have the same overall presence (most would call it uglyness :LOL: ) of the k1200r
  4. I'm looking at that particular bike too Vic

    tried it for size at BMW southbank and was more than happy with its feel

    but also waiting to see how the new 800GS looks and feels when its released next year

  5. So you havent told me yet how you went ?? Must have been alright to ride then i assume..
  6. It's a nice bike.

    It has ample poke, is very upright and comfortable.

    There are some supply issues at the moment.

    I want one to have ABS, Trip Computer and the Tyre Pressure Monitor and Acropovic Can.

    The TPM cannot be retrofitted and must be ordered from the factory.

    Southbank have a bike there but without TPM and quote a March delivery for one with it fitted.

    Some other dealers are saying Jan delivery. I've emailed a few dealers and we'll see if they can find me one so I don't have to wait

  7. emmuch ride away??
  8. 18.5K without the TPM is RRP