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BMW F800 or Ducati SR800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TRX 850, May 30, 2007.

  1. All my previous bikes have been Japanese bikes and I know the Japanese bikes offer more bang & performance for your buck but if you had to choose between a BMW F800 or a Ducati Monster S2R 800/1000.

    Which would you go for & why?

    From what I’ve heard, I like the idea of the belt drive with less maintenance, fuel economy & reliability of the BMW.

    The Monster excites me but I’m concerned with reliability as my last 2 bikes have been TRX & CBR which are super reliable, starts every time & I’m not afraid to take it for long country trips.

    Before I go for a test ride, what are your thoughts? as my head says BMW but my heart says the Monster.

    Test riding a Monster will probably convince me as it is an emotional thing.
  2. The F800 is the modern day TRX. I love this bike and it is high on the list. :cool:
  3. Monster... which is what I own :).

    No problem with reliability at all, very happy with the bike. Then again, it was new 12 months ago, so I'd be pissed if it was already unreliable.

    I've had less stuff try to fall off the Monster than my previous bike (2003 GSXR750), I commute on it, and it loves it. Bear in mind I have the S2R1k rather than the S2R, which, apart from the obvious 200cc advantage, has better front suspension and brakes. You pay an extra couple of grand for these bits, however, and lots of people are very happy with the normal S2R's - suspension and brakes would end up being about equivalent of your TRX (based on what I've found of the TRX's I've ridden).

    Also, the S2R is probably nicer than the 1K, cause it has the wet clutch, which is significantly easier to use (and it's a slipper clutch to boot). Dry clutch has charm, and I'm used to the action in traffic now, but oh boy, do I have a popeye left arm now.

    Economy is bloody brilliant on the Monsters - I get between 4.8 and 5.2l/100km commuting on mine. Gives me a range of ~200km, out of the 11L before the fuel light comes on.

    I certainly wouldn't be afraid to do long trips on the Monster, I know plenty of people who do, and I absolutely will be once spring pops around and I have some leave.

    Oh yeah, and like the BMW, if you buy a Ducati new, 2 years free roadside assistance. So, unreliability won't matter till the 3rd year.

    Also, 2007 model Ducatis are supposed to have 50% cheaper maintenance. This is done by stretching the service intervals out 25%, and having the dealers charge 25% less on the 07 models (since they're designed to be slightly quicker to service). Compared to my gixxer, the Monster will, overall, cost the same to run servicing wise; the BMW, unfortunately, has the longer service intervals of the Ducatis, so it does win there. Belt drive is a bit of a win, but the single-sided swingarms of the S2R and S2R1k is a piece of piss to adjust - don't need to stick it on a race stand or anything.

    Insurance for me was more expensive on the BMW than the Monster.
  4. I'd take the F800, this bike is pretty high on my wish list.
  5. I've got a F800ST and am loving every minute of it. I bought it before a drive train mod made its way to Australia and it was a bit jerky, but since I've had it fitted it's an awesome bike.

    It's light, easy to throw around, very fuel efficient (which is just as well, because the 16L tank was about the only doubt I had about it), plenty of power for my needs even 2-up (but I'm sure very many here would think it was asthmatic 2-up...but I don't need to go 200km/h+ :wink: ) and very comfortable.

    The fact that the ST comes with a couple of creature comforts such as heated grips which are great now it's gotten cold and a centre stand are great, and the ABS and on-board computer I got are great for safety and stats. ;)

    Sorry I can't add anything about the Duke, but I hear that's awesome too! Either way, I'm sure you'll be grinning from ear to ear.

    Butz. :beer:
  6. How far per tank for the f800ST?

    Thanks, Charlie
  7. The F800 definitely ! It looks and sounds better.

    BMW = RELIABLE in capital letters.
  8. I get just 280km+ from a tank when most of the riding is inner city commuting. When I get out on the open road regularly, that goes up over 300km. I'm not particularly heavy on the throttle, but I do move reasonably well away from red lights. :wink:

    A refill is usually 14.5-15.5L out of the stated 16 of the tank..the onboard computer's kms to refill stat is remarkably reliable so far. ;)

    Butz. :beer:
  9. Looks and sounds better than what?
    The duke will run rings around it by sound alone.
    Both are reliable as each other. The new 07 dukes have a 12000 km service interval as well.
    The gearbox I found on the BMW when I rode the early ones was agricultural at best. There was no real go from the motor either. Did not feel like it wanted to rev or sound pleasant doing so.
    The BMW is good on fuel and so is the Duke, the BM having the advantage with a larger tank.
    The BMW is a bit heavier as well.
    It all depends, do you want to go with the brain or the heart.
    Me I would go with the heart. The Italians build a bike with soul.
    The Germans do very good engineering.
  10. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Any catches??
  11. Nope service every 12000km. If you do not do the km in a year then a simple maintenance service. Every 2 years replace timing belts.
    BMW is the same they have km and time services which have different things in them. For example if you do not do the km then get a time based one, if in a months time your km is up bring it in for the km based one.
  12. Take the monster for a ride. I'd be suprised if it excites you after that.
  13. So what we are saying is that a Ducati could almost be considered sensible? :grin:
  14. I've ridden the BMW and it's a dam fine motorcycle but after ridin a TRX it comes off bland.
    I love the TRX for all it's character.
    I'm saving for a ducati (amonst other things) ATM. Would love the monster 1000 will probably apease the missus and get the 800 though.

    Go and ride em all and see which one you prefer.
  15. I rode the F800 and it left me totally cold. Nothing. No emotion, no feel, nothing. The gear box was an embarassment, clunky and horrible, the engine just went. It made no nice noise and didn't feel punchy or capable of anything. As a form of transport, great, but something to get excited about, zilch. And the Monster, despite its age is still a bike to evoke passion.

    And the indicators? Geez, trust ze Germans.
  16. I like the BMW F800 because it’s least BMW-ery than all the other BMWs. Regular steering, normal brakes etc. I think it’s a Rotax made engine innit? Like the Funduro 650?
    I would definitely test ride both the BMW F800 & the Ducati S2R because I they do ride differently & will gel with you or not, straight off.

    The S2R has a 2-valve desmo head & air cooled, but arguably the best fuel injection available today.

    Not sure how eco-friendly you ae but I would definitely get aftermarket exhausts for either. ‘Loud pipes saves lives’.
  17. Yep why not, I have got 2 2valve Dukes both with over 100,000 km on them still going strong. :grin:
  18. Yep, it's still a Rotax, and even being an owner, I'll admit that I prefer the tone of a Duke, but for me the sound isn't everything...I've still got the market pipes, and yep, it's not an awe inspiring tone, but I don't mind it. I've heard that with aftermarket pipes it sounds great though.

    cejay, regarding the gearbox, you might have ridden one before the drive chain mod made it here, which was only fairly recently. Totally different bike since then. I haven't ridden too many superbikes and the like, but it's plenty exciting enough for me...I suppose it's as exciting as you make it. :grin:

    I am with you however on the indicators, but I suppose it's some consolation that you do get accustomed to them...whether you should have to or not is another matter. ;)

    Butz. :beer:
  19. I'm another F800ST rider, had it for a couple of months now and love it. Sounds like a tractor in neutral at idle, but has a ride that inspires confidence - occasionally too much!

    If I was you, I'd buy the Ducati - you've got to have plenty of dollars to have a selection of bikes at your disposal, so go with the one that you're passionate about, you'll forgive it any idiosyncracies it has because you'll love things like the noise it makes at 6k revs, and the way it burbles and pops on the overun.

    Me, I'm loving the heated handgrips, the no maintenance and start 1st time everytime automatic choke, the bucket load of torque regardless of gear, the nice colour blue, and the fact I can easily keep up with P platers in GTR's away from the lights, before I twist the grip and (momentarily) blast away into loss of licence territory... :shock:
  20. All of that, except for the blue fairing bit & heated grips (get some oxfordson the Ducati), sounds like the 800cc iteration of the S2R.

    Never, ever, ever had a problem with my S2R1k starting, no matter the weather, and the demo S2R I rode was identical in this regard. Churn-churn-churn burbleburbleburbleburble...