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BMW f700gs will I be dissapointed?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jord4231, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Hi guys Just new to the forum.
    I've decided that after 5 years my 1981 XLH 1000 Sportster has to go and that I would like some thing a bit more modern and comfortable.

    I came across a new 2015 bmw f700gs whilst bike shopping today, had a sit on it and pretty much after sitting on the 800 decided that 700 was more comfortable for me due to my height.

    I must also mention I like the upright riding position (hence the Harley) after hurting my back at work many years ago.

    ANYWAY my Harley has an s&s carby and really goes well, My only fear is I don't really want anything less powerful than this. I know it will be a different kind of power but I'm just really hoping that I'm not disappointed. The dealer wasn't able to give me a test ride today but I will try again on my next weekend off.
    The dealer also told me that the BMW being 34 years newer and fuel injected and what not would basically leave the Harley for dead, but I'm not so sure I believe that yet. I have spent most of the day reading reviews and watching youtube videos on the bmw but no one really mentions how they go intearms of power mostly people just say they are great to ride.

    Anyway thank you all for you time hopfully some one who owns one might be able to help me :)
  2. Welcome to the forum. When you get a chance start an introduction thread in the Welcome Lounge, it is the general custom around here.

    53.8kW Power 57Nm Torque for the F700GS
    40.1kW Power 69.9Nm Torque for the XLH1000

    The numbers tend to say you will have more power but less torque. That strong pull at low revs that is a Harley characteristic you may miss. You will need to use the gearbox a lot more than you are used to on the XLH to unleash the extra power of the Beemer.
  3. I should also mention, I know it comes down to the bike and it is what it is. For example I commute daily to work on a cb125
    Thanks cjvfr yes the HD is a lot like 123 now ride in 4. I did google those exact numbers today my self but was a little unsure how it would translate in the real world.

    I'm also thinking whats the fun of the Harley when I hate riding it to work or down the ocean road because the darn thing just doesn't stop!

    You spend that much time just trying to throw around a big lump of non stoppable metal that its almost not fun. Having said that get me out on a nice long straight country road and I'm happy on it (once I've ridden for 30 mins or so to get numb enough to start enjoying it from the vibrations lol.)

    So I assume side by side they would keep up? some of my friends still ride Harleys amongst other things just don't want to be left for dead
  4. Mate any newer naked/sports tourer/adventure bike of 700+ cc will go well and as an added bonus will stop quickly too :) Plus you'll blitz your mates on their HD's on the twisties!

    Why only try the BMW? There are plenty of other bikes that could give you a lot of joy, why not go cruise around the shops and check em out. Do a bunch of test rides, see what floats your boat. Also plenty of threads here along the lines of "which bike to choose" so have a look at those too.

    Enjoy the shopping!!
  5. Horsepower is good! Using the gearbox and your available gears will compensate for the torque difference. Lighter with modern brakes will mean you can leave it later before braking into corners. I don't think you will have a problem keeping up.

    Get a test ride though and see what you think.
  6. Cheers guys, Ohh yes definitely I have looked at a few other bikes so far,

    I'm not in a hurry I just liked the bmw.

    I'm also reading a few not so great things the bmw f700gs like apparently warping right hand front rotors for no reason, cracking fuel tanks and switch block failing.

    Anyway so far I've had a ride on a gs1250fa. Dealers (around Geelong *cough*) really aren't interested in doing test rides off to Melbouring next weekend I think
  7. Go ride the Shiver, it'll put a smile on your dial.
  8. Sweet will do :) Whilst I'm only 27 and been riding only 10ish years Newerbikes are starting just to be well new to me, I used to own and run a vintage motorcycle shop :)
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  9. I ride a BMW R80 (1995) It goes well. It is a bit of a tractor, but has no trouble up hills, in high winds, carrying two people etc. It is a solid, comfortable ride. Try a heap of bikes before you lay down the cash. Based on my experience I would buy another BMW as they are good bikes.
  10. On the plus side, the BMW has heaps of aftermarket farkle available. On the downside, IMHO, BMW build quality has gone downhill quite dramatically over the last few years.
  11. A bike not having trouble going up hills is always a plus.
  12. Thanks for all the awesome reply's guys what a great forum is there a like button I'm missing
  13. Yes the thumbs at the bottom right lol
  14. Dead set still cant find it haha
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  15. I've done 7 years daily commute on the F800ST. No reliability problems. It's gone through 4 headlight bulbs, 3 rear tyres and 4 fronts, 2 batteries and a centrestand bolt fell out.
    Servicing has always seemed quite reasonably priced and it uses hardly any fuel.

    Hover your mouse pointer over the bar at the bottom of the post.
  16. The old airheads are a lot more reliable than the new ones.
  17. Still cant find the like must be this old web browser, anyway I've got some interested in my Harley on bike sales its all getting exciting a new bike may be sooner than I thought :)
  18. Today I got to ride a F700gs, At first I thought WOW this thing handles great and its way quicker than the Harley... then I got it out on the hwy and thought hrmm there's that torque everyone's talking about ... Definitely going to test ride a few more bikes I really thought the bmw would be better. It sure handled and stoped better but honestly I think I'd rather throw $1000 at the Harley to make it stop better at this stage
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  19. mt09 has some good reviews, especially the motor...some say the suspension isn't great but it should be better than a harley (if only due to superior ergonomics).
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  20. Funnily enough I had a sit on a mt09 tracer, one of the first bikes I looked at but for some reason never ended up riding one, I'm going to go in to a Yamaha dealer to see if I can test ride one soon they look awesome according to the reviews on youtube.. :)