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BMW F650GS for first LAM bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ivans, May 23, 2012.

  1. I've been seriously thinking of getting 2007 F650GS for my first bike. Any thoughts ? Especially in handling, fuel economy, running cost (spare parts etc) and freeway ride?

    My 2nd preference would be kawasaki ninja 650, same year.

    I prefer to buy 2nd hand bike, I am 5'7 tall weight around 85 kg

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Really depends what you want it for, but I reckon that'd be a great bike.

    There's a review in the latest AMCN.
  3. I need a bike to go to work, comfortable, reliable, does not need to be fast. i dont do speed. I like my cousin R1150RT and I looovee riding it. I am not a new rider, I ride bike since I was 17 but because I am only new in the country they have to put me on L license first...not fair. My cousin bike is not a LAM bike. Heard the beemer is the go for comfort
  4. mate, perfect bike for what you want
    the guys at work (not a bmw dealership) are trying to convince me to get one when im off lams, as they are the most practical bikes, well thought out, and magnificent to ride. the balance is awesome. bit heavy but there so well balanced and smooth the weight doesnt really matter.
  5. Its got great fuel economy.

    A guy I met who rode one from Japan to London, accross Russia. It was tired but still running around when he shipped it back. He was on his P's when he started that trip.

    If you fit on it, it will be a good bike.
  6. My mate has the F650GS and I took it for a ride one day out to his farm and I was expecting a nice comfortable ride but that wasn't the case, it vibrates under the seat and after about an hour I was wishing I was back on my sportsbike.

    I found the handling fine, parts are exe because it's a BMW and the fuel economy is good.

    I'd take them both for a nice long test ride and see how you feel after that.
  7. I've done long trips (Melbourne-Adelaide) in company with F650GS's and they've easily maintained a very respectable speed without any stress.

    I've had the use for a day or two several times and found them one of the best commuter bikes and a lot of fun in the twisties as well. If you get one that's well optioned then it will hold its value comfortably.

    I will also say that none of those I rode had any problem with comfort.