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BMW F650GS/Dakar questions

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by ryangus, May 1, 2012.

  1. Finally looking to get another bike after about 20 years not riding.

    After looking around, I reckon the F650 style would most suit my needs. Having never owned one, I'm curious about service costs and reliability. Anybody here know ballpark what sort of money they take for upkeep?

    Also, having never change a motorbike tyre/wheel (dozens of pushy tyres don't count, do they?!), how feasible is it to have 2 sets of tyres, one for road and one for offroad?

  2. This is a BMW that does seem to work quite well, the services are 10,000km between each one, after the first 1,000km run in. costs i am not so sure about as still under 10-k on mine,
    as for 2 sets of tires, wel i guess it depends how hard core off road you want to go.. the non dakar has low mud guards and requires several mods to get the big nobbies on, also there not really a bike for the hard core single track, if its fire trails and the like, then a very good option is the Mitas EO-7 Duel sport, i belive a good match for the capabuilities of the bike..
    further the dakar does have a better set up for the off road, longer travel suspension, rims size etc..
    cheers al
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    G'day mate.

    I'm sort of in a similar position. Have you thought about the Yamaha XT660 Tenere? Brilliant bike, proven to be very capable/reliable, cheaper & bigger tank.

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  4. +1 on the Mitas E07 tyres. Great for a midsize adv - great road manners and suitable for most off road just avoid deep mud and sand (they have really stiff sidewalls so you don't benefit much from deflating them ie anything less than 25psi on the rear is futile).

    Another bike suggestion - Triumph Tiger 800XC. Don't ask me how they go on parts/servicing, they just look awesome :)
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  5. It'd be easier to have two sets of wheels. That way you could also have different rear sprockets too, so as to easily modify the gearing (i.e. taller for road riding, lower for off-road).

    Changing tyres sucks!

  6. Fair call. That's gets me thinking - is it possible to have larger wheels for off-road?
  7. The suspension is different between the F650GS (with 19" front) and the F650GS Paris Dakar (with the 21" front wheel), it's possible but it's not an easy swap so 2 sets of wheels and tyres with a different size wheel isn't practical.

    Many people keep 2 sets of wheels though, one set with road(ish) tyres and one set with full on dirt tyres.

    A few options for this type of bike that haven't been mentioned yet -:

    Suzuki DR650
    Kawasaki KLR650
    BMW Sertao
  8. two different bikes
    ya canna hava ya cake and eat it too.
    been through the on road offroad tyre saga for the dakar, but its off road capabilities are matched well with the dual sports tyres available. if you want to get right off road , get another bike (ktm450.....?)
  9. Ralphy is spot on. The F650 is not a full on dirtbike, dirt tyres will get you places the bike won't like. Fitting dual sports is the best idea, as you they will take you as far as the bike is happy to go.