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BMW f650gs 2001.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by coxc, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. It all started when I saw a brand new f800gs with full touring addons in the carpark at work... I was smitten.

    But I knew I wasn't good enough for a beauty like that, so I started looking at her younger sister, and kept looking.

    I finally took the plunge, and placed a dowry on a 2001 f650gs with 35,000k on the clock in near immaculate condition.

    If anyone has owned one, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

    The only issues I can see in the future is the difficulty of maintenance and the cost of parts.

    It doesn't seem effected by the issues common to this model, exept for the lose mirrors, and shitty seat.


    Now I just need to wait a few weeks until I can pay her off completely.
    First time I've been nervous riding a bike since I pulled out of the dealership with the cbr250.


  2. Maintenance is no more costly than any other bike. You can scource a lot of your parts from overseas at savings of up to 50%. UK sites seem the best.Shipping is fairly quick and not too pricey. Munich MC in WA are OK. Good luck.You are on a BMW so you wont have too many maintenance issues.
  3. Im on my 1st Beemer. all i can say is , read ,read ,read . They seem very well designed and not to hard to work on. Invest in the special little tools

    I really was not impressed with my machine when i got it , New rubber on the rear changed everything. Now im actually getting fast on it.

    They are really the type of machine that just instill confidence. i`m riding it as fast as the little TRX around everything now.

    Maybe even faster on dirt, I actually cut on the Abs system trying to stop after spinning the back wheel up to 100k .Scary , i pull the brakes on , they stopped working every time the front went light, and let me bounce down the track full of potholes toward the barbed wire fence@what seemed like a ever increasing speed. Shaft drive boxer combo is fun as hell on the loose stuff.

    Your bike will take you where you want to go
  4. A few questions to those in the know, does the vibration lower at higher speeds and lower RPM or with loads? I have a bedsore mat (brother used to work at a hospital) that I can use as a aftermarket seat cover, which should stop most vibrations (and may fix the infamous discomfort of the stock seat), I may also see about putting rubber standoffs between the seat and frame.

    Wobbly clutch levers are an easy fix I assume? I may get aftermarkets, and both clutch and brake seem to be too far from the bars for me. And frankly both should be a 1-2 finger job regardless.

    I'm not sure how 'rough' it should be between 1-2 gears, before looking at the gears. There is no slippage I know of, but shifting between the 2 needs much more force than my cbr.

    I wish comprehensive was possible for me, but with 1 suspension, less than a year on my current licence, and being a male under 24. It simply seems completely pointless, 2000+ excess on 7g total, with premiums around 2k/yr

    Insuremyride won't even look at me.
  5. There's a lot of good info on the Advrider site about these things, although you'll have to sift out the twins.
  6. Thanks, I'll check it out, I'll sifted through most of the f650 site before putting a deposit down, but I'll give Advrider a look, see.