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BMW F650 single GS rim options?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by undad0g, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Been checking around and can't find aftermarket wheels for my bike. I want something different. Not really going to do much off-roading. 17" spoke wheels are standard. Any ideas guys?

  2. why do you want different ones?

    marchesini 'may' do different ones if you're lucky, but i wouldnt bet on it.

  3. you need a new tape measure
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  4. f650 gs (twin cylinder) has a 19 inch front and the g650 gs (single cylinder) has a 19 inch front wheel.

    which bike do you have??
  5. he has the one with the 17 inch weels lol
  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!
    Ok, I'll check again:D
  7. Really want a more stylish look?? 5-spoke or something modern?
  8. unlikely you'd find a 19' wheel like that
    and if you did it would'nt fit, sorry
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  9. If your still looking, the 2011 G650gs has a spoke rim as stock, maybe able to swap with a new bike owner, or get them off the shelf as OEM parts..