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BMW F650 GS Question - Km's travelled

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mid77, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    Another newb question, so sorry in advance.

    I'm currently looking at a 2nd hand BMW F650gs as my first bike and just had a quick chat with the dealer who said it had 70000~ km's on it. I know of course that maintenance over it's previous life plays a very important role in how gracefully it ages, but is there a point where you would start to experience more headaches than it is worth?

    I'm guessing that it would probably take the k's better than a highly strung road/race bike but what would be your recommendations on this? I'm assuming that in order to have made it to that many k's it would have to have had some major maintenance tasks (new chain? etc..). I've read the newb thread on what to check for when buying a bike so know roughly what to check for but are there any things specific to this bike to be looking at?


  2. http://www.f650.com/ is probably the best place to look. The Technical FAQs there discuss the things to look out for and be wary of with the F650, maintenance items to check, things to inspect when buying one 2nd-hand.

    Specifically, http://faq.f650.com/FMainIndex/Purchasing.htm

    I'm afraid I can't help much more than that. I did do a fair amount of research on them a month or two ago, as I was considering one as a possible 'upgrade'. All the same, I hope that helps. :)
  3. What year model (fuel injected have excellent economy) and how much?

    IMHO, unless immaculate, with full service history and very cheap, look elsewhere.

    What sort of riding are you intending on doing?
  4. Lies. The fuel-injected 2001+ bikes (better yet, the dualspark 2004+ bikes) don't have 'excellent' fuel economy. They create fuel as you ride. :p
  5. And emit only cute puppies and sunshine too I take it.
  6. Nah. Cute little kittens, actually. What do you think the catalytic converter is for?
  7. Thanks for the replies guys and the link, looks like someone useful reading there.

    The bike is a 2002 model (which I understand emit Kittens instead of the 2004's puppies) and the dealer has it at $7990 (comes with the BMW panniers and all the standard bells and whistles). I'm going to have a look at it on the weekend (unfortunately is in Gosford so not easy for me to get there on a weekday).

    Generally intend to use it to do weekend trips to national parks etc and later in the year am planning a trip to Uluru and some top end spots. I was a little concerned about the number of k's on it (hence the original post) but looking around, these bikes seem to be quite thin on the ground with odometers that read all over the place. As far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be a 'norm' for how far these things have traveled.
  8. I too was considering one of those, but feel swayed to a more recent KLR650 given the price 'advantage' suffered by the BMW's (and the general information gleaned from endless trawling of reviews etc).

    I am now decided on a KLE500 as it offers even more road-bias and perhaps even more smoothness which is important to me.

    I reckon long-term I will get a 650 V-Strom, but haven't the funds (or rather, permission to use them :roll: ); this may take a little more glacial erosion with the fund-stopper at home :grin:
  9. I had a good look at the KLE500 as well because it would seem to be a good learner bike, but the only thing which put me off was the fuel tank. A lot of the rides I was looking at would just not be possible with that range. Otherwise, looks like a very nice bike.

    Could still be swayed by the KLR though, haven't had a chance to look at one yet in the flesh but I'm a little concerned that I will destroy all that nice fairing the first time I don't put the sidestand down properly :wink:
  10. Ahh so they've adapted the technology from their cars to their bikes
  11. Hmmm........and the Beemer? I wonder which will be cheaper to fix......

    I guess the only way to get it (close to) right is to ride each one before deciding - and then decide how much you will be riding off-road. I decided (bit like the 4WD) that I will be spending 99% of my time enjoying commuting and riding in the Hills on the weekend - hence the KLE.
  12. I wouldn't be making any bets.

    Since starting to run Beemers, I've often been pleasantly surprised by spares prices. For most of the stuff I've needed, they've been comparable to equivalent Jap stuff.

    I don't go to BMW dealers though, preferring to spend my dollars with the independent specialists.
  13. They should both be the same price to fix, because before you take either offroad you're going to buy crashbars to protect the expensive parts, right? :)
  14. Most definitely, recently had a look at the touratech website for just that very thing, could do some serious damage to the finances with some of the bits from those guys :grin:
  15. Because what everyone needs is a 3.5L/100km bike with a 40 litre tank. :grin:

    I've no 'real' offroad experience aside from mountainbiking and taking my VTR250 places where it "shouldn't" go, but it seems to be a good idea to check the www.advrider.com and bike-specific (eg: f650.com, KLR/KLE-specific) forums to see what equipment is worth buying and what's unnecessary/ineffective... particularly with the crashbars.
  16. I'd kind of be thinking that if you did load up with all that gear, the worst you could hope to traverse would be a bitumen road with a light dusting.

    But know what you mean, I think the side crashbars would be good enough place to start and then see what everyone else recommends from there.