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BMW F650 Cs 'Scarver'

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BrooklynCrook, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys!

    I sold my bike - funny story to go with that too - and I am looking at a BMW Scarver.

    Anyone got one? anyone had one?

    Yes - they're ugly, and I love that. I think they're neat. So the looks don't bother me.

    I'm looknig at the later built ones, 2004/5, twin spark plug models.

    Keen to hear from any other BMW owners, what to look out for, talk about their general awesomeness... etc. etc.

  2. Not ugly at all. Very cool. Don't have one (own a F800 ST) but can offer the following.
    Belt drive - check the replacement interval as this can be expensive.
    Bomb proof engine.
    Quirky accessories that even included speakers I think.
    Low seat available.
    Generally awesome!
  3. Excellent choice if you can find one for a good price.
    Not the usual choice and they handle pretty well for a "tall" bike.
    What happened to the Hyo? Did it disintegrate?
  4. might wait for this one, will start selling in a few months in China
    Its a BMW copy from LONCIN, but they manufacture 2010 onwards BMW F650GS anyway. I guess OZ ride away price will be around 8.2K.

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  5. Neat, thanks guys! I just bought one from a BMW dealer interstate they are shipping it on Tuesday - bit of a gamble, I haven't even seen one in the flesh lol
    I got it for five grand delivered to Sydney, full BMW service history, 2004 twin sparky model it looks pretty darn alright :)
  6. Interesting looking bike, congrats on the purchase :)
  7. Thanks man
    I got a dark blue one, I think they're a bit quirky, like me!
  8. I just googled it in dark blue, I actually think it looks pretty cool! And quirky is good, I like quirky :)
  9. Congratulations, depending on its condition that's a good price, enjoy riding it.
  10. Yeah we haggled hard for it - I think the guy was close to spitting it but hey, you gotta haggle! It's in pristine condition, one owner, I've had a few BMW riders look over it and they said its in top condition.
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  11. Time to update your bike in the signature.
  12. Yeah
    yeah me too, I like things a bit different from the norm, I don't think ill run into myself any time too soon in conservative old canberra!
  13. There you go!
  14. Looking good now. So what did happen to the Hyo?
  15. Heh... Well!
    I had it advertised all over the place with some really good pics... I had an offer that fell through, a dude come and pillion his mrs on the back in a test ride (what would possess someone to do that on a lowered 250 ill never know) and then I had a guy start negotiating with me via text. By this stage I'd had enough and sent this guy a text saying - if you rock up with cash you can have the thing. Selling bikes is NOt fun...
    Anyway I'm at work around lunch time and I get this text (from the same joker who apparently 'bought' the bike the night prior via text) saying - I'm outside. I went and grabbed a colleague and we went downstairs. Outside I see this Indian student standing there with a helmet I. A Coles bag in one hand, and a wad of cash in the other. The guy asked me if there was anything he needed to know, handed over cash and rode off. Just like that! He is coming to pick up the rego papers and RWC on Monday. I didn't have it with me coz I thought he was full of it and never in a million years did I believe this dude would rock up... Lol.

    Nothing never seems to be normal when it involves me!
  16. You've disproved my disintegrating Hyo theory. :D
  17. Hahaha, it has been raining, so it's probably melted by now:boobies:
  18. That's why you should come down to Melbourne, where strange is the norm :)