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BMW F 800 ST

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Duffman, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Apologies if there have been threads on this before but my search didnt show anything.

    I've been keeping my eye out for a while now because i'm very interested in this bike. I've just noticed that it's now on the BMW Australian site. Price is still currently TBA but is obviously a good sign that its up there.

  2. Hey Duffman,

    September/October they reckon and about $17k. They look like a pretty good bike and is on the top of my list for the upgrade.

    The only other bike I am keeping an eye on is if Triumph do a naked version of the 675, now that would be cool. Pop a screen on for long journeys and bob's your mother's brother.
  3. I made some enquiries re: F800S with BMW southbank and here is what the sales guy emailed me:

    "We are expecting the first of the F800s to arrive here Sept/Oct.
    They are pre selling the F800S for $14,500 + orc and the F800ST for $15,750+ orc"
  4. Mmmmm. nice! and it comes in yellow. ;)
    I just wish they had better pics on the website.
  5. Yeah but how cool was that stunting vid? :shock: Loved the stoppie-step-away.

    What does the ST stand for? Difference between the 2? I assume it doesen't mean "Stunter" version, although that would be kinda cool.
  6. Wow, great price!
  7. ST -> Sports Tourer Model
    S -> Sports Model

    They are basically the same machine with variation on the handle bars, seat height, luggage amenities, and fairings to accomodate between "Sports Touring" and "Sports" use.
  8. Sports Tourer. It has a more upright position and larger screen i believe
  9. well that would be the one for me. Although 16K ish could buy a lot of other bikes too.
  10. True, you could buy 3 GTR's for that price, and that would be good for 800,000kms! That's touring in style! :grin:
    Would be nice to buy a new bike though...one day!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Wow September/October is great news considering the US release date is March 2007!

    Yes i had also heard rumors of prices around 15g's which i thought was a reasonable price.

    I am still tossing up between the F800ST or an adventuer like the F650GS for a bit more gravel based touring as we certainly have a lot of gravel in WA and throughout Australia.

    Obviously i'd have to test ride the 800, but on the surface of it, i love the idea of a belt drive simply for the reduced maintenance and i like the look of it very much also. The ST would be my model, with the optional panniers, centre stand, ABS and security system as well, that would no doubt ad a couple of grand onto the price (i believe ABS is $1,000 option), but i think it would be worth it.
  12. There's supposed to be a GS version of the F800 due for release sometime in the near future.
    Edit: Possibly be something like this
  13. BMW Club has a good article and photo here...

    lots of tech details and some nice cutaway drawings of the motor

  14. Rumour has it that they are going to bring out an F800GS - still supposedly a shaft (like the big GS), but in a belt drive would great.

    A photoshopped version here
  15. least we are all keen on the F800GS - YOU LISTENING OUT THER BMW!!!!!
  16. Least we are all keen on the F800GS - YOU LISTENING OUT THERE BMW!!!!!
  17. The AC-Schnitzer version of the F800S (the Twinstar) is certainly interesting:

    Also rumours that there's going to be a smaller F450GS with an engine sourced from Aprillia. If that comes in under the LAMs limit then there'd be a market for it here (a 450cc version of the S might also do okay).
  18. Is that a petrol cap omounted on the side???
  19. yep, tank under seat to lower centre of gravity.
  20. I didn't know AC Schnitzer did bikes as well as cars.



    Nice... :)