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BMW Electric Scooter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V2, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Odd looking!

    BMW Scooter

    I wonder if you need to put a playing card into the spokes so people can hear you coming?
  2. Goodness, and here was me expecting a rehash of the old C1, but with solar panels on the roof.

    I don't quite get the "
Power is 11kW with a peak of 35kW providing an electronically limited top speed of 120km/h".

    I sort of assume you can only get 35 kW power for a very short time.......
    thank goodness it has traction control. (giggle,giggle)

    Having said that, I was interested to see that BMW have only sold very few of their 600 and 650 scooters.

    I might duck into my local BMW shop and see if there are any super special prices on offer. :)
  3. Not for Aus.

    A c1 with a panel roof would be cool, though probably only enough for a quarter charge or something.
  4. You could always have very long and frequent coffee stops, leaving it parked in the sun.

    A bit like some Ducatis.... ;)
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  5. Loss of drive traction is related to torque not power. Given that electric motors have maximum torque at close to 0 rpm, yes it is good that it has traction control.

  6. My bet would be that the power delivery is controlled by a computer to maximise battery life, i.e it can launch with 35kw of power but after it is in motion you only need a very small amount of power to maintain or give bursts of speed.

    its been said, but electric motors make maximum torque immediately from 0rpm so traction control is VERY necessary.

    if this was available in Aus i think i would trade my petrol 125cc for this 100km range would get me to and from work 10 times and while at work it can charge if needed.

    the thing that sucks about all electric vehicles is the storage of energy and recharging it only takes 30secs to recharge 6ltrs of petrol but 4 hours for only about half the range in battery power.