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BMW dealers?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Bogus69, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Just a quick question for those in the know...

    Is there more than one place in Melbourne to buy a new BMW, or is it just down at southbank?
    And what about servicing?

    If I was to get a new BMW would I have many places to take it for servicing while under warrantee?

  2. Ok there are a couple of dealers in Melbourne,
    There is BMW Southbank, Moto One in Oakleigh. These are the official dealers according to the BMW website.
  3. There are a few people servicing BM's around. Join the BM bike club and ask around. The cops in the eastern area use Ringwood Motorcycles (ask for chris) as do all of my mates on bimmers (and a lot of the BM club) and they swear by them.
    A word of caution though, BM servicing is considerably more expensive than most Jap bikes (but probably less than Italian - esp Ducatis). Also dont think BM's are any more reliable etc than Jap stuff. My VFR has cost considerably less and been more reliable than any of my mates BM's.
  4. Can't help with the dealer as I am n Perth, but as the ower of 2 BMW's and one Ducati I would like to pick up on a few points mentioned.

    1. Servicing costs; my last normal service on the R1150R cost me $290 inc GST, the receipt for the last Ducati 900SS service was $420. I don't know what a Jap inline 4 would cost to service nowadays, but I'd be surprised if it was much less than $290. In addition, I always get a free 'loaner' bike when the Beemer is in for service.

    2. Reliability; I have honestly never had a single problem with an 'R' series BMW, there are numerous examples of these doing a million k's on the original engine with only the odd oil seal failure. The 'K' bikes are also hugely reliable if properly serviced, but can deteriorate fast if not. The driveshaft splines are responsible for most problems if not correctly serviced.

    The main cost issue is if you need parts, lets not be mealy mouthed here, they are bloody expensive, I'd guess twice the cost of say an equivalent Honda part. On the plus side, BMW stand by their bikes for a lot longer than most manufacturers. I can still get many parts direct from the factory for my 1975 R60/6, while the Japanese only make parts for a brief period after a model is discontinued.
  5. I wish you had told me that earlier. I might not have bought my Beemer.

    I find my K is cheaper than most to service, and certainly no reliability problems. I suppose that will change when it's run in :idea:

    The clock turned over 180,000km this weekend. Thought the clutch was on the way out because I had run out of adjustment on the handlebars but there is more adjustment down below.
  6. thanks all for the comments. this is the stuff I want to know!

    How long can you get out of a belt drive b4 replacing?
  7. I don't know about the belt drive BMW's, but the manufacturer of the belt used on Harley's claims 500 hours before replacement under normal use. The only problem with belts is that they work perfectly, right up to the point they let go, so periodic replacement is vital even if they still look ok
  8. BMW's make the most quality cars and bikes in the world. Sure, it might be more expensive for parts etc, but your going to need them a hell of a lot less, as long as you maintain and drive the car well, it's going to last well over 250,000 k's.

    The owner of European Car Centre (Newcastle) will agree with me.
  9. Busted the hinges on my BMW panniers.

    Call up BMW dealer to see how much they are to replace. $85 each.

    Call up Southco who makes them. $23 each.

    All up $50 for 2 including delivery.
  10. OI keep it clean :LOL:
  11. Go see Scumbag out at Moto One on Dandy Road, Oakleigh!