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BMW Concept 6 - p0rn thats safe for work

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by goz, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Now this is p0rn, i friggin love it




  2. Oh. Oh my...
    I um, never really liked beemers before.
    But, erm, Hi!
    Wanna get a drink after work, or something?
    (And just to be clear, I was talking to the bike...)
  3. I'd tap it.

    Love the exhaust treatment, even if it will burn the heels off your boots :D.
  4. Meh - it wouldn't be the first time I've paid for a cuppla hours of pleasure with a burning sensation 8-[
  5. Hey mate, your boots are smokin'

    Gee thanks.

    No, I mean they're f'kin melting! :LOL:

    Love the digital intrument panel, with gps.
    I miss my digital speedo.

    Nice looking ride.
  6. Wonder if its lams or I gotta wait 12 months :)
  7. i think i pee'd myself a little.

    LOVE the inbuilt GPS... would be exxy though for repairs... disasterously so!
  8. There's lots I like about it, but the front reminds me too much of the Duval to make it palatable. It'd be like trying have sex with someone that reminded you of you obnoxious and slow witted cousin.
  9. I think its one of those bikes that would loo9k better in the flesh.
    Any word on production ??
  10. in the words of an unremembered Formula One driver in 1962, when speaking about the unbelievably hideous ATS F1 car, "If it goes fast it will look good."
  11. Won't happen, will stay as a concept
  12. There's gotta be a Tasmanian joke in there somewhere :D.
  13. Are those photos or renders? Looks unreal.
  14. Beautiful looking bike, not a big fan of those rims though.

    haha :D
  15. Those pics might be safe for work, but what I just used them to do sure isn't.
  16. did you print them out and then give yourself a paper cut??

    VERY unsafe... tutt tutt! :p

  17. :rofl::rofl::rofl: so u had a :jerk: then :D
  18. Are we in a time warp or something? The pictures are more than a year old, the bike was a concept that was never intended to see production and it was there to highlight the fact that BMW was developing a 6 cyl. engine - the engine that made it into production by now, namely in the new K1600 series...

    and yes, the bike looked interesting.
  19. The K1600 launch is in the next week or so, so no doubt talk of this one will be happening again.

    I wouldn't rule out production. They've built more complex versions with the tourers, so most of it's already there. Enough public interest and they would likely do it. How the first reviews of the motor come back should play a part. First online review is due out on the 19th at Ash On Bikes.
  20. Wheelbase looks a little long, doesn't it?