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BMW Comfort?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JohnG., Sep 1, 2006.

  1. From...

    This quote...
    "Regular readers will probably be sick of hearing this, but here goes... BMW builds the most rider-friendly motorcycles on the planet. When it comes to ergonomics, competitors should grab this bike, measure the various relationships (seat to pegs, seat width, screen height to helmet position, knee-bend, forward cant, arm height, reach to bars... That will do for now), and replicate them. They are just about as good as it's going to get and certainly put a lie to the theory that you need your clacker to have an unfettered view of the road above to provide sports competence. That's a total crock and we, as consumers, deserve better. Last time I looked, I used my eyes to see the road ahead. Chances are, so will you.

    On that front there seems to be a slow awakening among BMW's peers that this is the case and sports offerings are becoming more comfortable as a result, but it has been a long time coming. BMW is to be congratulated on this one. The 1200 S is sporting, no doubt, but you could ride it to the moon and get off it without heading to the nearest apothecary and ordering a gross of hospital grade Deep Heat. Big marks."
    Any thoughts??

  2. I've always been happy with BMW comfort, now my Ducati is another matter.......Spanish Inquisition, bloody amateurs, eat yer heart out.
  3. Comfy or not they haven't built a good looking BMW EVER. Add the fact you'll pay 5-6 grand more than a jap bike with more power and performance and well....
    I can't really see the point.
  4. I for one do not find BMWs comfortable. Or any other of the touring/cruising brigade. I find the head down @rse up way better for long distances -as long as you can do 100km/hr+ No wieght on the base of your spine, or your wrists, or your neck. And thats proven over more than a couple of 1000km days in my case. But thats just me.
  5. Ride the K1200R. Medium riding position. Maximum power and torque. Lots of gadgets. So ugly I just have to get one
  6. The 1200GS is an extremely comfortable bike. Rode my old VTR1000 today and the difference is increadible.
    One thing that I really noticed was the ease at which you can perform a headcheck on the BM compared to the firestorm. Head down has your head twisting quite severely and even then doesn't give you the best view. On the BM, a slight twist, more like a sideways glance and you're there.
    Massive difference in power though, but I'm enjoying the comfort more than the HP at the moment.
  7. A jap bike with abs and a shaft drive for under 20K? Hmm, point one out to me please.
  8. There aren't any, although the Deauville 700 has DCBS and shaft drive under $15,000.

    There are any number of Japanese cruisers with shaft drive but no ABS under $20,000 as well.

    ABS is not a popular technology with most manufacturers (which no doubt is why you chose to mention it) :)
  9. Honda NT700V - though ABS is only available on the European models at the moment.
  10. There was also the Yamaha GTS1000 - ABS but no shaft drive, and had several other special features....delta frame, forkless front end....Hmmm, anyone got one for sale?

    Anyone actually bought one? No, I thought so! Not at the price Yamaha wanted for a new GTS1000....

    The BMWs are fantastically comfy, its just a shame about some other aspects of them. They have good and bad points, just like any other bike I suppose. I've been really happy with the R1150RT - no fuss, happy long distance rides and unfazed by gravel/dirt and the occassional soft-roader track and logging coupe!


  11. Fair enough, some cheap Japanese cruisers come with a shaft but they would compromise elsewhere. The point was that with bimmers you at least know what you are paying for (abs, shaft, trick suspension, etc). Whether it’s worth the extra cash is a personal choice. I just frankly get annoyed by the attitude that dismisses bimmers as uniformly inferior to jap bikes. They are different, that’s why people buy them.
  12. Oh, come on! I think the K1 is BEAUTIFUL...really! I realise I might be alone on that one though. :)
  13. No worries with my r11S here
    the k1200S is a good looking bike with a spanking donk as is the k1200r.
    Comfy and a piece of piss to ride.
  14. *chuckles*

    And someone said the BMWs were ugly. :LOL:

    If I could afford a K1200S I'd have one. It is comfy to sit on, and would suit me to a tee, methinks. Can't wait for ABS to become mainstream, as I know I can't brake @ 95% efficiency 100% of the time. ABS can. :wink:
  15. *chuckles*

    And someone said the BMWs were ugly. :LOL:

    If I could afford a K1200S I'd have one. It is comfy to sit on, and would suit me to a tee, methinks. Can't wait for ABS to become mainstream, as I know I can't brake @ 95% efficiency 100% of the time. ABS can. :wink:
  16. Eh? :?
    Look pretty much the same to me (both ugly).
    Edit: Replaced pictures with ones that hopefully will stay put on the 'net for more than 12 hours.
  17. :LOL:

    Nice links - I get "Picture Not Available" and nothing for the BMW. ;)

    K1200S definitely has the looks over the Deauville for me. :p
  18. I'd love to get one of these too...and they're easier to come by than GTS1000's. They aren't too bad to look at when you see them in the flesh, but in pictures, its best to be a long, long way away or macro lens close! Something about the K1 that just calls to me, telling me to find a good one...

  19. K1200R is a bloody nice looking bike, big mean and very naked in a German blue movie kind a way.

    If I could justify $25k for a bike, I would get one.
  20. They were working when I posted them, guess I'll have to find some other pics.