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BMW Clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mr Messy, May 7, 2011.

  1. One from the old dude.
    His 98 K1200RS needs a new clutch.
    Not being thrilled by the OEM clutch, he has his eye on the 360 Kevlar Sprung clutch from http://www.rbracing-rsr.com/bmw_clutches.html
    (they dont seem very responsive to his queries though!)

    So to any BMW owners out there: thoughts?

  2. What does he find is the problem with the OEM clutch (apart from the rather high cost of bits)?

    Assuming the K1200RS has the same basic clutch as the earlier K100, I don't remember much wrong with mine. Not excessively heavy, decent control and feel and massively durable (I took it apart at 190,000 kms to have a look and everything was as new :shock:). Admittedly the K1200 has another 40 odd bhp which might make a bit of a difference.

    RB Racing's website looks very impressive. I've been lusting after one of their turbo kits for the last decade. However, I've seen a few things on BMW specific forums that suggest that their product quality and customer service leave quite a bit to be desired.

    If they're not really interested when you might pay them money, are they going to be really helpful once you have?
  3. Yeah i hear you mate, and its the same thing i said to dad.
    Not sure why he doesnt like the OEM specifically, but i think he just sees it as an opportunity to put something better in.

    Ta for the feedback, and yeah it says a lot if others out there are having the same problem getting any sort of customer service on the sales, much less any returns etc.
    Will tell him to stop being anal and put a OEM in.
  4. The old boy has given up, bought an OEM clutch and a few other odds and ends that would have totalled around $300 from a BMW dealer in australia, from one on ebay in the UK, including delivery, for 72 pounds (about $110 at the time).
  5. Apparently it's a biatch of a job.
  6. It certainly involves quite a lot of dismantling to get the gearbox out, although, on the older K, everything comes apart and goes together like a Meccano set so it's very straightforward, if time consuming. Putting it back together is really a two man job. One to take the weight of the box while the other lines everything up and puts the first couple of bolts in.

    I haven't seen the same job on the later, paralever bikes but I suspect it involves even more dismantling, although I have no reason to suppose it's any more complex.
  7. from memory the painful part was to do with the airbox, not the gearbox itself. Word of mouth on my part, rather than experience.
  8. I vaguely recall struggling with the airbox at 3am one snowy winter's night in the drafty shed with inadequate lighting in a bid to be on the road by morning. Oh the memories...
  9. Haha ill pass on the good news to him :p.

    Nope didnt know about munichmotos, will pass on the link for future reference, cheers mate :).
  10. Yeah, Munichs are pretty good (and local for me). With the dollar as it is though.......
  11. They are competitive compared to my local BMW dealer but for parts I find Motobins in UK cheaper and delivery only takes about a week. For bulky parts the postage costs may outweigh that though.

    For later oilheads and K bikes there are also US choices which are cheap however they don't seem to do as many bits for airheads like mine :cry: