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BMW channels Confederate Hellcat: Lo-Rider concept

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Beemers answer to VMax
  2. That is the absolute goods.

    Hard to believe it's from the same company as the spew inducing R1200C.
  3. Would be a biatch to ride. The top of the bike is shaped like a nice airfoil! :roll: Will ride great with no rider on it!
    Personally I would not like to sit on an aircraft wing
  4. Looks like BMW have been channeling H. R. Giger!
  5. Looks like they didn't bother finishing it. Wheres the front?
  6. Better than a montauk anyway.
  7. I looooove the front. Stacked projectors FTW!
  8. Just like a MadAss! :LOL:
  9. It looks like it'll scrape the cam covers... while on its stand... :LOL:
  10. I want one! I don't care which one I just want one of those!
  11. I wonder if the cops would f*** you over for not having a butt-ugly-fender lol
  12. Look closer, padawan - It has a fully compliant fender wrapped over the rear wheel. :grin:

    (Edit: well, except for some of the concept pix at the bottom which have no hugger at all)
  13. If it's anything like the R1200S it'll have 52 degrees of lean.
  14. Lovin' it :grin:

    Put me down for one of the ones with the cafe-racer tail on it...
  15. That is a great piece of gear. A bit of work & you could have the rat bike from hell!
  16. $20,000 designer ratbike?

    Derelicte`? :cool:
  17. This bike would definitely give you the worksmith!
  18. It's definately been hit with the original stick.
    But I rate it.