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BMW C1 Scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by browsin_ard, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I know that this scooter had been around for a while but does anyone have any idea where I can get one? Maybe hook me up with someone that has one?

    I like the concept very much and has seen it on Melbourne's roads. However, there is not much info as to how I can get one of these here. Any help is much appreciated.

  2. Hi, I just did a quick google search on them and didn't come up with much useful info.

    The web articles I saw pointed that BMW Australia was arguing with the government about wearing helmets with them and not being up-to-standard.
    They were only in production in 2001/2.
    So, you aren't going to get a new one off the showroom floor in any case.
    The blindingly obvious answer is to phone your local BMW Motorcycle dealer and ask what happened to them.

    Are you sure it was a BMW C1? One of our club riders has a Benelli Adiva hybrid. Maybe you saw one of those?
  3. From what I can remember, it could not pass ADRs !!

    The items were . . .

    The seat belts installed.
    The type of glass on the windscreen.
    and as said above . . . the use of helmets !
  4. yeah definately have a look at the Adiva a look. We have one in the club and it's..... funny. It has front and rear wipers, immobiliser, radio, cup holder, phone holder, fan, the lot!!! It's like a car without doors and on 2 wheels.
  5. I was absolutely sure it was a BMW.

    I have seen the Adiva. But the BMW sure looks heaps better. Maybe it is because the components seem better built.

    The fold top of the Adiva make it look kinda plasticky. I was so desperate that I wanted to yank the rider off his C1 so I can ask questions. I also saw 1 parked outside this boutique hotel. I think it is their run about vehicle. Pity I cannot remember which one. I know it is located somewhere in inner city Melbourne.

    Any other similar concepts like these two?
  6. Actually i saw one the other week in Sydney !!
    the dude had neons on the roof pillars and had the fancy light sequences going. I'm sure it was one of those Benelli things. . . .looked cool actually.

    I think what killed the C1 was also the price !!
  7. I believe BMW brought a few in way back when. They couldn't get them into the country and scooter sales back then weren't what they are now so they decided not to go ahead with them here. They actually copped a bagging globally too so they had a short lifespan.

    Don't bother asking BMW about them as they not interested in talking to you about them. I've asked before.

    If you get a copy of TnG mag you'll find heaps of places that sell them in the UK. You can contact your local traffic authority and see if they're on the approved import list then you can send away for one. The price on top of the purchase might be ok given the exclusivity??

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  9. there are a few machines in this category produced in China:


    These are only produced with EEC compliance so it would require an Australian importer to source a shipment compling with Australian (ADR) conformaty before these could be sold for the road here.

    China builds huge numbers of two-wheelers, and is actively seeking export markets.
  10. There are a couple getting around Melbourne CBD so they must have snuck a few past ADRs?

    Don't give up. :grin: