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BMW buys off-road bike specialist Husqvarna

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by matti-san, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Looks like BMW are pretty damn serious about making it off road!


    BMW Motorrad has expanded its two-wheel portfolio with the acquisition of Husqvarna, the company renowned for its sporty off-road motorcycles, writes JEZ SPINKS.

    Husqvarna SM 610 super motard

    BMW Motorrad will delve deeper into the world of off-road sports bikes after acquiring Husqvarna from MV Agusta.

    The German manufacturer signed an agreement this month to purchase the renowned sporty off-road bike maker for an undisclosed price.

    The acquisition is still subject to approval from the European Union's cartel authorities, but BMW says Husqvarna will continue to run as a separate brand - just as Mini does under BMW's automobile division.

    Husqvarna's production facilities and staff will continue to operate at its current headquarters in the northern Italian region of Varese.

    "It will be business as usual in short term for both BMW and Husqvarna," says BMW spokesperson Alexander Corne. "The integration details will only become c
  2. BMW must see some value.

    IMHO, Husqvarna is a great retro name, and now build a reliable bike. Limited volumes in the past have probably led to the belief of poor parts supply.

    BMW have a 450cc enduro bike nearing compeltion, but to be able to have access to other models coupled with some big potential sponsorship dollars, and a larger R & D budget, should see a win for both companies.

    Bring it on :cool:
  3. Yep TC I would also suggest that BMW has always had BIG adventure bikes and really need to the expertise to build a smaller enduro/motoX type bike and Husquy might just be the ticket. :cool:
  4. Wow. I did not know this. Thanks :)
  5. So, does that mean I can put some BMW badges on my Husky ride-on? :LOL:
  6. Just waiting to see the hybrids. They should be hot!
  7. Might clean up Husky's act a little. I know a couple of hardcore devotees to the brand, but even the latest bikes have been peaky high maintenance jiggers with surprisingly short rebuild intervals. It would be good to see them make that level of performance more accessible without having to keep one hand on the phone to the dealer.
  8. MMM - the 610 models are "normal" schedules, in that oil and valves every 5,000kms. The rest are "race" type, but no differenet to equivalent KTM, Jap etc
  9. True enough about the 610, but the race bikes do seem to be "quirky" even compared to KTMs.