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BMW Boulder Neon Jacket Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. BMW quality and super-bright high-viz for urban adventures.

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  2. I've had a Boulder Neon for two years now, great jacket but some limitations as noted in the review. Removable lining hasn't any warmth/insulation and is a windbreaker only, and after two years the colour is losing the fluorescence element and becoming just yellow. In cold weather the armour is initially very stiff, if I plan ahead I'll warm the jacket indoors before putting it on.

    Otherwise a great jacket for the spring and autumn, or those summer days which start too cold to use the summer mesh jacket :D
  3. Heli, you don't by any chance own one of the bmw mesh jacket do you? Looking for some real world feedback on them (from someone who rides in an Australian summer).
  4. Vic3,

    I had three of the BMW mesh jackets!

    First one faded in 6 weeks, replaced under warranty.

    Second started fading after 3 weeks, money back.

    Third one supplied from UK, last a couple of years and turned a faded lemon yellow.

    The Australian supplied ones were made in East Europe, couldn't take our UV.

    The UK supplied one was made in Indonesia and managed a couple of years. I see that the mesh jacket is back on sale, but I haven't bothered to look and see where it is made now. A couple of friends have the Australian supplied/East European made jackets that are now about five years old, they're more white than yellow.

    My winter and mesh/summer jackets are made by Tiger Angel; not up to the quality of BMW Motorrad but at least they remain fluoro for longer.
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  5. Just a follow up: the current range of BMW Motored mesh jackets are made in Indonesia, so they should be more resistant to fading.

    I didn't mention that the lining is Gore-tex, and is both warm and water resistant. Such a lining would vastly improve the Boulder Neon, which only has a single layer and has no warmth at all.