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News BMW announces new R nineT Sport

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    BMW has just announced a UK-only Sport version of the R nineT, which features a high level Akrapovič silencer plus a few additional touches to add to its café race credentials.

    As well as undoubtedly enhancing the sounds of the R nineT, the new end can also makes the bike look cleaner, as does the lack of pillion footrests and seat, which have been ditched to contribute to the Sport's tidier appearance.

    Aside from the new exhaust, the most obvious change over the standard bike is the new aluminium tank, which will be available in two versions: hand-brushed, gloss-varnished and with visible or smoothed welding seams.

    The Sport gets ABS and heated grips as standard, along with LED indicators and will be available from February 6 at a cost of £12,990 OTR.

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  2. UK only??? Pity, it's the first BMW I've seen for ages that I might like to own....
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  3. Well, there you go hornet.

    I looked at the piccie, read the words and thought, serves then right..... the Poms deserve such a crap bike.
  4. Hey, I ride a 20-year-old VFR, ANYTHING new looks good :LOL:
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  5. A twenty year old VFR? That is probably, IMHO, one of the best designed Sport/Touring motorcycles ever built.

    They annoyed the hell out of me because the bars were just a wee bit too low to be comfy for my stuffed back.

    But the BM, thirteen thousand English pounds? ...for a single seater, with wire spoked wheels....... no panniers......no socket to plug in the coffee percolator......the "old tech" motor...... why?

    "Cafe Racer", like "Street Fighter" I have always considered them to be totally "personal" efforts.

    Classically, the street fighter was a very fast sports bike which had been crashed and the fairing trashed..... rip the broken bits off, add some sensible handlebars, and, Bob's your uncle..... a street fighter.

    While a bit harder to define, the Cafe Racer, was also a very personal thing. Someone who cared enough to chop and channel and modify a production bike into their own beast.

    But, now, the manufacturers produce off-the-shelf Cafe Racers and Street Fighters....... OH wonderful, how totally personal and individual. :-(
  6. I agree with you completely on every count. My first bike, a new 1974 RD-250, was nothing like what it was new when I sold it a few years later, but these days I'd just like the factory to build a bike like I'd build it if I had the time, expertise and inclination, and give it all to me, wrapped up in a bow, with a warranty and all, so that I could have a customised bike JUST LIKE someone else with the same budget as me, could have :LOL:
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  7. <shrug> I suppose it would be a boring old world if we all liked the same things.....
  8. fugly bloody thing
  9. The BMW in the picture however is the standard BMW R nineT with aluminium tank option, the Akra silencer and the tail cover. You can easily remove the rear foot pegs.
  10. I thought they only had a limited run of these? Or is this the John Farnham of bikes?
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  11. I read the title and thought great - then I saw the pic and thought epic fail. Seems they did away with all the features from the standard model which I thought made it look sublime.
  12. [​IMG]

    I'm more interested in this one coming out, yeah sure it's not a real scrambler but it looks much nicer than the current model imo
  13. As I mentioned earlier, the 'Sport' version nineT is just fitted with some of the usual nineT options.