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Bluetooth Unit: Scala vs Sena

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Edward VH, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Thinking about getting either the Scala Q3, or the Sena 20S

    Does anybody have any views / preferences on these units? Pros, cons, etc?


  2. I can't tell you anything about the Scala units, or the new Sena, but I've had a Sena SMH10 for almost 2 years and it's been great. I have no reason to believe that the 20S won't be more of the same, only sexier and more forward-compatible.

    There have been a few issues with the Senas and the Android Bluetooth stack, but that's an Android issue, not a Sena issue. Third party apps exist aplenty to help sort those issues out if your particular Android version doesn't play nice, and Sena releases regular firmware updates that (usually) sort out issues as they come up.

    Another thing to consider is, I guess, compatibility with other riders. Sena seems to be prevalent. Scala is... well, I've never met another rider with a Scala headset. I don't know if it matters, but I would prefer not to find out by being the one guy in the group with the non-compliant headset. Peer pressure. It's a wonderful thing :)
  3. We have the twin 20S Sena set and find it to be awesome. Leaves our old scala G4 set in the dust. The attachments to both a Shoei Neotec and a Shoei GT Air are very clean. They pair to phones and each other so much more quickly and more easily than the Scalas, which were very hit and miss. The Sena's buttons are more intuitive than the Scala, which had far too many to remember. And the Sena has an iPhone app which makes setting it up with radio stations and speed-dial dead simple. Also, the boom mike of my Scala broke off after only 12 months or so. In the GT-air I've got the wired mike set up so won't have that issue, but the boom mike in the Neotec feels less flimsy than the scala's did.

    The TL;DR is I love my Sena and won't be buying another Scala.
  4. I've got the 20S.

    I briefly researched the sena vs scala thing, there didn't seem to be a lot in it really but most seem to prefer the sena.

    In the end My choice was largely driven by the fact that (literally) everyone I know that uses a headset, uses sena...
  5. It seems like the leading manufacturers are making their newer release compatible with other brands. Interphone units are right up there in terms of quality, too.
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  6. #6 Edward VH, Sep 6, 2014
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    Yes, it seems the 20S is compatible with the scala...

    What about phone functionality?

    I have a Plantronics Voyager bluetooth earphone set. When an incoming call comes in, it says "incoming call, answer or ignore", and I can control it by voice by saying "answer".
    Does the Sena S20 work like that as well? or do you need to tap the button on the unit to answer the call?
  7. Can someone explain why Sena 20S dual is more expensive than 2 separate singles?
    What's the point of dual at all then?
  8. I've got a scalar and if was to buy again I'd go Sena.
  9. Hi,
    New to the forum and noticed this thread and thought I'd put in my 0.02c.
    I had a Scala g9 powerset for the last 2 years, bought the pack with 2 shark Evoline 3's with intention to use it for chatting to the mrs while we cruise along.
    I found the volume too quiet and it had way too many options (was made a bit easier with the release of their smart phone app).
    In the end purely from poor reception between units, radio, the lack of volume, I sold the unit.
    I won't say it's crap but I'd buy the sena.
  10. Got the Scala Q1, and personally it works very well for me and my Shoei NXR! Happy customer :)
  11. ?? Dunno where your looking :wacky:
    20S single $339, Dual $629
    Phone Answer on 20S default is "Voice" can be set to manual (button) on 'puter or phone app.
    ALSO all Sena have "Universal pairing" so can pair to 1 other heaset of a different bramd as well as the multiple of Sena's.

    Voice commands work well 8-| "Hello Sena" answer - say a command, " music" - stereo music and the music from the phone starts, etc even works at speed over the Conti's :angelic:
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  13. Fitting the 20S to my NXR seemed tricky but I'm more than a little OCD with things like messy wiring.
  14. Know what you mean. You cannot see a single wire with my setup :) Took a bit of extra effort, but end result it awesome!
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  15. I've got a few cm tops that go from the mount into the helmet, that is it.

    Managed to route the wires under all the padding etc inside as well.

    Looking at my mates helmets does my head in, frikin wires and boom mics everywhere.
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  16. OK guys... thanks for all your feedback on this...

    In the end I pulled the trigger on a Sena 20S.

    The stereo sound quality is quite good when playing music.
    I've had a couple of phone calls come through, and that seems to work good as well.
    Although I can't figure out how to make it answer with a voice command (Phone VOX is enabled)

    So far so good.
  17. Happy with my Sena SMH10
  18. Just an update for those that might be interested...

    I've had the Sena 20S for a while now, and can report that the battery life is great, and everything about it works perfectly.

    Was certainly worth the money, and if someone were considering a bluetooth unit, I suggest you have a look at it.
  19. I have a lightly used Scala G4 that I picked up for $100, not happy with the volume either, but I wear foamy earplugs. Anyone here with a Sena that wear foamies?
  20. Running Sena 20s, ALWAYS wear foamies :headphone:, run Tom Tom rider (relays phone through), UHF and music from the phone. Absolutely no dramas with volume even at $140 on the 78 Ducati with Contis and pod filters ;-).

    Often get asked by customers to write stuff down and have to explain I cant :happy:
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