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Bluetooth helmets?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Smokie1969, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Hi all;
    Ive just upgraded my phone to the lovely Nokia 6110 Navigator. Does anyone else use a bluetooth helmet accessory at all?

    Love to hear your thoughts & reviews on what you have purchased, Ive heard varying reports about both the Blueant & Scala variants.

    Id would like to be able to use the superb features o this phone by getting this accessory....and the rare times the phone rings while touring ;-)

  2. Yeah I agree.

    We're great, thanks for asking :p

    Seriously though, I was using a Scala Rider for about a year and was really pleased with it.

    I was given a couple of Interphone Sets to try out. I currently have the scala back on the helmet.

    Not because the IP is crap, it's because the thing just won't route properly in my helmet. The speaker is much thicker than the scala and it hurts.

    I haven't given up on it as yet. I will try and re mount it when I find some time and see if I can get it comfortable to use.

    Will post my findings as soon as I am able.
  3. Not only do i have the Nav 6110 which I'v had since the day it was released but also have Blueant Interphone. Pair them up & your sweet.

    Dont know what the others are on about with the speaker hurting.
    I dont have any problems with mine.
  4. It will depend on your helmet and how your head fits in it. Some people will have less space in the ear wells than others - myself included. As a result I can't wear any sort of regular earplugs or headphones under the helmet, however a thin speaker works fine. Anything larger than the speaker I've got mounted in my helmet at present would be an issue.

    Given that the speaker has now stopped working (broken wire I suspect) I'm looking at something to replace the entire bluetooth unit that was supplied with my Tomtom - pretty much decided I'll go for the Scala as well.
  5. I have teh scala rider FM, and its key limitation is it doesn't have proper A2DP support. Which means it doesn't work particularly well for music.
    This is the only thing I have against the scala product.
  6. "Posting and you"... ahhahahahhahahaa. Nice one F-L... but worthy sentiment... there are a couple of active BT threads at the moment.

    Vic, see if you can get the boomless mic version. Much much easier and space saving install. Have a look here: