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bluetooth headsets (or, being contactable)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by emsie, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've seen a couple of old threads that didn't seem to go anywhere, but I was wondering what models of bluetooth headsets people use. I currently have a logitech one (relatively old) with a boom microphone kinda thingy which I don't think I could get on without breaking it or me ;)

    I'm guessing most people have something like the blue ant micro which fits *just* over your ear but in the same breath, how would you control something like that with a helmet on? :? I just need something simple that won't break or break me and can be controlled :)

  2. you want to wear a bluetooth headset under your helmet wtf?

    i would imagine it would be extremely uncomfortable

    with the price of blue tooth gadgets i would look at a autocom system, (what am i talking about i have one) cost is about $485 everything plugs into it and i mean everything

    much more versatile in that you can plug your mp3 player in your mobile phone a uhf, plus its a rider to pillion communication system, has two flats speakers that attach inside the helmet with velcro and a mic on a boom

    volume on music has a fade that cuts down when you talk to someone pillion or over the two way or on the phone, its a great systems really worth the money
  3. If all you need is a bluetooth headset for your mobile (ie you aren't after an intercom), I'd recommend you get onto eBay and bid on one of these.

    Mine is perfectly comfortable and easy to use. And I got it on eBay for $51.00 (you see them advertised in the back of AMCN for $220.00).

    Worth considering. :)
  4. that's the kinda response I was looking for (with a little less wtf ;)) - basically, if you need to be contactable while you're on the bike, how do people do it? If it's bluetooth, whaddya use? If it's any other kinda wireless, whaddya use? Anyone use just plain wired with the bud earphone kinda thing?

    For some context, I don't ride my bike except for to/from work while I'm on call at work because if I miss a call, I need to know and have called back within 10 minutes or so. Since I don't always feel my phone vibrate when I'm on the bike, that doesn't leave many options for just going for a blat so I'm really keen to find a way that's not too costly (it's really just so I can be contactable, even if it's just *knowing* I've been called) and is comfortable/easy to use :)
  5. very much so - have bookmarked these and off to see the autocom stuff :)
  6. I got it for pretty much the same reason you're considering one - so I wouldn't miss calls when commuting.

    When you're on the move it's easier to receive calls than to make them. I guess the voice-dial gets a bit iffy as the speed and wind noise rise. No problem at all answering calls, or hearing/being heard - even at freeway speeds.
  7. Scala rider is the way to go. Cheaper than the autocom if all you want to do is answer your phone.

    If you want to do all the other stuff that the autocom does then thats the only real option.

    I got the scala rider and it works well even at 180km/h :)
  8. Starcom1 is a bloody good system too. Do a search and have a squizz. I beleieve a netrider member may even be the importer :wink:
  9. The scala rider sure is looking good - cheap and not necessarily nasty. Certainly for the time being, I don't need everything that the starcom and autocom have to offer - I would also rather spend as little as possible initially just in case having something in my helmet sucks ;)

    thanks for your help guys!
  10. A quick heads-up, emsie

    Be mindful of the postage prices of the units for sale on eBay. There are a few currently listed (I just searched for 'scala rider'), but they've got a $21 postage fee to factor into your budget.

  11. Just had a look. Not totally sure how it's fitted to the lid. Can you explain how it's done?

    How does the headset work when you have earplugs in?

    Are there any bluetooth enabled MP3 players around?

    Also, when it says that warranty is not covered by the seller, but by someone else, I get wary. Consumer law, in Victoria at least, says that the warranty is between the seller and the buyer. Just been through this crap with a local electrical retailer over the failure of two DeLonghi products. Had to get Consumer Affairs Victoria involved.
  12. Yeah, noticed that, thanks mate. *taps nose* I'm onto their smelly tricks on ebay ;)
  13. I went down this path - with a "motor-talkie". It was cheaper than an autocomm, more adaptable than Chatterboxes and lots cheaper than baehr. Like the Autocomm and Baehr, you could have CB, music, phone and pillion, with a separate volume for the pillion (not that I use that bit!)


    They also had headsets that you could have music, phone and/or CB that are good - they're easy to fit, the mini-din plugs are easy to use and the whole lot was pretty cheap to land in Australia. If you're in Victoria, I can also recommend Time Plus Communications - the guy who runs the shop is a rider and member of the BMWMCCVic.

    With all the systems I tried, I found my phone had loads of interference (even using shielded cables). It became a good excuse not to have the phone on the system!



  14. I'm surprised they let you use it on the race track! ;)

  15. Pitty handsfree is illegal for P platers.. Actually not really since I wouldn't use it anyway.. Despite the fact that I do look like a prat holding my phone in the helmet on loudspeaker :LOL:

    Only a matter of time before all handsfree are baned IMO.

    Without stealing the thread, I was wondering about the legalities of having an audio system in a helmet, I mean I've heard of people being booked for listening to their ipod in a car. Which is total bs when uhf radios, handsfree, etc. is legal? So yeh, wondering if anyone has been told off/booked from cops for listening to music inside helmet. I know some people have asked the rta and had the thumbs up, but they're not the police.

    Curious also as to whether you are legally allowed to drive/ride if you are totally deaf.
  16. The unit itself clips into a mount that's fitted to the helmet. The mike and earpiece are attached to the mount.


    The mount has a thin tab that slides between the outer shell of the helmet and the helmet's padding. It's then tightened with an Allen key. Easy to fit, secure, and doesn't appear to do the helmet any harm. I imagine it'd be easier to fit to some helmets than others, however.



    What did you say? :p

    It works as well as you could expect any small noisemaking device to work when you're wearing earplugs. It does have a volume control, but I haven't really experimented too much because I don't wear earplugs when I'm commuting or running round town.

    Dunno. But the sound quality (while fine for speech) might be less satisfying for music.

    You can't contract out of statutory warranties (fitness for purpose and merchantable quality). It's possible the seller's done a deal with another crowd to offer a non-statutory warranty, but even if that proved to be crap he's still liable under statute. I am pretty certain the Vic statutory warranties have equivalents in other states.

    So far, so good with my unit though. And I found the guy who's selling them on eBay to be okay to deal with.
  17. Just bought one after the good reviews it got here. Will let everyone know what I think (if you care!) after I've used it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Bought a Scala Rider via the link in this thread. Very happy with it so far, and it's already paid for itself. Got a call while on the bike yesterday for an urgent job that I would have missed out on if I hadn't answered the phone.

    Helen (Wife) has rung me a couple of times while I'm on the bike and she says that it's a little echoey (is that a word?) but not bad. The first time she refused to believe that I was on the bike - was idling at lights. Once I moved off she believed.

    Dunno about 180 - I can only vouch for it up to 120.

    BTW - all up including postage it cost me $71.
  19. That's really good to hear. Missed another work call today while I was on the bike, so the argument is really stacking up at the moment *sigh* $71's alright for it too :)
  20. Yep, I like mine after two days. Nice and clear uo to 100 km/h then it becomes a bit dodgey on the other end of teh line due to wind noise (GTR has a bit of a turbulence issue at the moment).
    Nice and clear inside the helmet and easy to use buttons, BUT I found it nigh on impossible to use with my winter gloves on yesterday. Teh gloves are brand new and not even close to being worn in though, and it is fine with summer gloves on.
    I can have the phone in my bag on the back rack and the bluetooth connectivity is fine. Voice commands work well, except in the higher speed ranges, where ambient noise gets up high.
    Now, can you get a small FM radio that clips on like the Scala Rider?

    Regards, Andrew.