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Bluetooth Headsets for Motorcycles max $250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by andy_marc, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Hi all..
    I have done a search on this and there is a lot of info there but nothing specific..
    So Want your opinions on whats the best one on the market as far as value etc..

    Basically it has to have AD2P, Handsfree, and a radio would be nice...
    but the BIG thing for me is.. Comfort and sound quality. I dont want to buy one that sounds like you are listening to stuff through a tin can... My helmet is a Arai Vector. (full faces)

    I like the Parrot as it has all of this plus a cool control on the handlebars
    The Scala looks good too but the basic one doesnt seem to be stereo.
    Anyone else suggest any others?

    Im going to start riding to and from work and would like some tunes on the way :)
  2. Do you need to be able to link to your phone or other riders? If not, some Earmold type headphones would be best for sound quality. They will cut down a lot of wind noise also, so it won't need to be as loud. I think they're about $210.

    Camos have AD2P, no radio, but if your phone/mp3 player has a radio you'll be fine.

    I have the Camos BTS310, the speakers are quite good, but you do get some distortion at full volume. They're $290 odd.

    I haven't used the Blueant or Scala stuff, so I can't compare.

    Frankly, I am thinking of going to some Earmold style phones, I can't quite get enough volume out of the standard speakers to compete with the wind noise. That''s just me though, your helmet might be quieter.
  3. MV I've also looked in detail to the bts310 and like the music to be louder than the wind noise but am still indecisive on which headset to get. What sort of lid have you got?
  4. AGV Stealth, it very noisy due to the two vents at the top, I really need either ear plugs or in ears (earmold)...

    Other than that, the BTS310 is very good, sound quality is very good until you get to the last two "clicks". I'm pretty sure in ears would solve that issue.
  5. The thing that interests me with these headsets such as bts, scala is that they are wireless, bluetooth and nothing in the ears, however the thing that disienterests me is that due to nothing being in the ear the music won't be as loud as in ear buds as you have mentioned.

    I'll eventually get something as I would like the convenience of being able to take calls while riding and not having to pull over.
  6. I find it (taking calls) an inconvenience, but that's just me :)
  7. Definitely agreed however having to pull over going thru the motions of ungloving & taking off helmet to take a call is an ever more inconvenience.
  8. Scala G4 can be had for less than $250 if you mail order from the US....
  9. I recently bought a scala rider G4 and am pretty happy with it.
    Built in radio, A2DP, Handsfree etc.


    You can pick them up on Ebay at the moment from a dealer in the US for approx $240.00 including delivery.
    Even cheaper if you buy a powerset and get someone to buy the second headset.
  10. Yeah, I normally don't bother. They can leave a message.
  11. + 1. don't like talking to people on the phone when i'm riding. it's my alone time :)
  12. What will you do in your downtime?

    (How long will you be off the bike BTW?)
  13. Thanks Andy for posting this thread. I've done this search too and just ended up bewildered - partially b/c I don't understand the tech speak.

    I'd have similar priorities - I'd like a speaker set that sits permanently in the helmet and picks up from my iPhone music and tom-tom directions.
  14. +1 and intercom with my pillion

    So gps, music and intercom.....phone not even close to a priority.
  15. Continued... This would be for my slower speed town run arounds.

    For freeway I'd like to just get a set of earphones that sit comfortably for both passive ear protection and music. I don't mind the dicking around with wires for this purpose cos it will be longer rides, less frequently.

    Ideas on which speaker Bluetooth set and which earphones would be much apprec.
  16. They pretty much all do that, the reason I went with the Camos stuff was because it was supposed to have the best range & best sound quality irrespective of price. BUT: that was over a year ago, things might have changed since.
  17. Mv - at about what speed does your camos speaker start losing?
  18. Er...Legal-ish speeds on the freeway & it has to be full volume, which is fine, but the last two notches on the volume, the distortion becomes audible. It's not terrible, if you're not picky about your sound quality, you might not even notice it.

    That said, my phone (Nokia 5800) doesn't put out as much volume as an Ipod/iPhone, so you might not have to crank it as much with those...
  19. What you really need is a pair of headphone earmolds and a stereo bluetooth headset like the scala. remove the factory speakers and solder a wire with a 3.5mm jack straight onto the circuit board, if the Scala drives speakers it will easily drive the headphones. You then have a fully functioning hands free that will easily overcome road/wind noise.

    It should be a pretty easy project to do
  20. Yep, or the Camos (it's stereo), 3.5mm stereo socket soldered onto the lead from the headset will do the job. That's the plan when I have a spare $210 for earmolds.