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Bluetooth Headset

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by whitelighter, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. :idea: i was talking to a mate that works for telstra and i have been told that some time in the next few weeks there will be a new bluetooth unit coming out designed for full faced helmets. at the moment i dont have a price of what the units will cost but i am trying to organise a deal for a bulk purches if any one is interested let me know and i will post a price when i find out hopefuly by thursday next week.
    :eek: for those going to coffee tonight see ya there

  2. Haha yeah. I'm interested, but some info on the product and a price would certainly be the determining factor ;)
  3. Yep there is something coming out, the missus works for Crazy Johns, If you want a bulk deal might be able to help out :grin:
  4. Definetly need more info
  5. I have seen them advertised for $99.. cant remember where though... think it might have been dicky (dick smith) or tandy
  6. ^ +1 I'm interested too but would like some more details :cool:
  7. Registering interest.
    +1 for more info needed.

    At the moment i'm sick of earbuds (both phone & music) falling out to the point where i think im gonna start to tape the buggers into my ears!
  8. And me. More info when available :)
  9. Sounds interesting. Out of curiousity, where would the headset controls be mounted? No point in having them on the headset, are they externally located (and waterproof)?
  10. I'm hoping that the control will be Bluetooth as well!
  11. I tried a boom mike in a helmet once, and the road noise makes it reallt bad for the other end to hear. Would need a throat mike instead.
  12. this is the current blue tooth option at $99 it's pretty good value, if i wasn't so broke from buying other bike crap (rear seat cowl etc) i'd get one.

    it'll be interesting to see if this new one you're talking about is better. the thing the scala can't do is intercom to a pillion passenger. i'm also not sure if you can play mp3's on the scala/mobile phone combination.

    keep us posted, any competition in this niche market is good.
  13. Interesting. I'd want to know a bit more about them. Is there a review of them around?

    Looks to be pretty cool so far though

  14. +1 interested, more information needed
  15. I already puy my bluetooth headset in my helmet before i put it on, and seems to work perfectly, even when on freeway i can hear whats said and they can hear me perfectly apparently.
  16. yeah. I am interested. post info when you get the chance!
  17. model? is it comfortable?