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bluetooth headset to uhf

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Pasito king, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. hey all I was wondering of a way to connect my bluetooth headset to a uhf is there any known methods preferably a cheap option

  2. Try talking to the Soundrider people, they have an expertise in the area. Also some UHF radios have a bluetooth option now days. Uniden make the 7700NBBT and Bluetooth Dongles for a lot of different models.
  3. Thanks ill check it out
    i already have a uniden handheld which has a decent amount of power with a single 2.5mm jack is there anything that I can plug into it to go bluetooth to my headset ... under $50 would be great
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    "under $50 would be great"

    Really ???

    Sena SR-10 $289 plus specific cable for your radio $30 to $60.
    IF you have a UH-076, 78, 74 its the $60 cable.
    Check the links in my sig :)
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