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Bluetooth for modular helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by TheMav, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. I have one of those flip face helmets and want to install a bluetooth. Problem is the chin curtain on this helmet is non-removable so when I am flipping the front half of the helmet up or down it seems like the chin curtain would get in the way of the mic.

    What to do?!
  2. I have the BMW system 6 flip face with the Sena and boom mic. Seems ok..sometimes needs a bit of adjustment.
  3. The chin curtain touches my bottom lip when I close the helmet so definitely not enough clearance for a boom mic. The curtain is elastic so I could probably stretch it over the mic but that would mean I need to re-adjust the mic each time I open/close the helmet... defeats the convenience of a modular helmet.

    I guess another option would be to get the stick-on type mic and stick it to the mouth part of the helmet but that would probably leave a messy wire running from the top of your head to your cheek when the helmet is open? Also means you would have to close the helmet to talk.

    What other options are there? How does it work on those modular helmets that have built-in bluetooth?
  4. Just answered my own question: because the chin curtain is elastic, I can stretch it out with my thumb when closing/opening the helmet to get past the mic. Wish I could delete this thread!
  5. get a uclear system! boomless!.. mike is in built into the ear phones works great.