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Bluetooth earphones for in-helmet

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Gord, May 9, 2012.

  1. http://www.exeltek.com.au/jabra-sport-wireless-bluetooth-stereo-headset-p-3152.html

    Just picked up a pair of these tonight for some music in the helmet. Absolutely fantastic! I read a review that the reception can drop out if you're not using the arm pouch phone holder thingy (as if a samsung galaxy note would fit in that anyway!) but I tested it and it's flawless from one end of the house to the other! Drops out minimally at 320kbps, but thats a bit ridiculously over the top quality for phone audio anyway. Very loud, MicroUSB charging, all controls on-ear and even FM radio inbuilt. Might have to edit the cheek pads in my helmet just slightly as the helmet is a little too big without the pads. Couple of zip ties around the removable cheek pads should do the trick.

    I've always had problems with earbuds. They NEVER stay in my ears, even when I clean my ears with metho :p The over the ear design here works very well.

    There is voice recognition to control your phone also, as there is an in-built mic. Holding the Play button on the ear (when paired with an android phone) will take you to the voice command section (something apple later copied and called 'siri') but this is pretty useless if you can't get to your ear. If you have a phone mount for your bike, just press 'answer' and you'll be talking hands-free.

    Overall I am amazed at both the price point and the quality of these. Only 3 hours playback apparently (haven't fully tested this), but of course volume would dictate longevity.

    Apple users can forget it though... iPhones probably can't even recognise these with their pathetic bluetooth capabilities.

    5 out of 5 stars for android use.
  2. iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4 both had voice control software long before the iPhone 4s and 'siri' came around...just..so you know.

  3. Hey Gord, when you try the headset whilst riding your bike can you come back to this thread and give us a review? If you can let us know what its like at 110kph and specifically where you stored your phone during the test, that would be great.

    I'm keen to buy the Jabra however when I searched the internet I found a lot of conflicting reviews(on amazon) with some saying unless the phone is on your arm it will drop out. If i get the headset I'll be storing my phone inside my jacket or in my tank bag and if its going to drop out its not going to be a great experience.

    I look forward to reading your review
  4. I've been looking for something like this for a while. Please come back with an on-road review.
  5. I have the M2R 901 helmet which i found out (after the purchase) that it is a very noisy helmet. That being said, these earbuds are NOT noise cancelling earbuds. I'll go as far as saying that they block half the wind noise in my helmet (at 100), and anything under 80 they're brilliant. You can still here some wind noise, but it's not like you're hearing the wind IN your ears.

    Reception is a non issue. They state to keep the phone on the right side of your body (where the right ear is the BT receiver). My jacket pocket works fine, but a tank bag would be absolutely ideal, as there is no thick human body getting in the way.

    Like I said before, all the controls are on-ear, so you need to set your volume and a playlist before you set off. I stream internet radio, so song choice is a non issue. I have been getting 4 hours playing time out of them, with 2.5-3.0 hour charges Via USB2.0 connector.

    Pairing is incredibly easy, and they fire up each and every time without issue at all. I upgraded my phone to android 4.0.4 (from 3.5.6) this morning, and I DID notice a bizarre drop in reception, but this version of android is an experimental leak so I'm not making any judgements just yet. The reception was flawless on the last software, so I can confidently tell you that the earpieces do have great reception.

    I'm looking at a handlebar phone cradle anyway, so any mounts like this or tank bags WILL NOT face reception issues. Happy to put my money on that. If I didn't have such a fat gut I'm sure I wouldn't have had any issues today! =D

    I managed to find a way to put my helmet on over the earbuds without disturbing them in the slightest, so no mods were necessary to my helmet at all. If you like your music loud, you sure as hell won't be disappointed with their output. I only ride on half volume though as I'm still only 4 weeks old on two wheels and want to know whats going on around me.

    They come with three different sets of rubber molds, so you can find what fits you best. I ended up mis-matching the pairs for my best fit.

    If you like the look of them on the website, and are after some wireless earbuds, I am happy to recommend these flat-out.