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Bluelion's MT-07

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  1. Bluelion submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Bluelion's MT-07

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  2. Nice! Bought the same a few weeks ago. Considered not going the matt grey as it's clearly the most popular, but know I won't get sick of it.
  3. I have the same bike, colour and Akrapovic. Purchased mid August. I am also a first time rider. No prior experience. I am loving the MT-07LA. I try to take her out everyday after work as I want to go for the pre-provisional after the first 3 months on L's.
    Do you have any further plans with the bike?
  4. Yeah Matte Grey is definitely the most popular I've found, but also the colour which will age the best I feel. On the other hand, it is a pain in the ass to maintain!

    I got mine 1st of Sep, and its up for its first service, anyone got any comments on it if you have done yours?

    In terms of future plans for the bike, I want to improve aesthetics as well as handling. The list of things to do include- getting a screen, crash protection, rad guard, tail tidy, led everything and upgrading the shocks to ohlins because the downshift seems to affect the bike adversely in the twisties. Anyone else found that to be the case?

    Now just gotta save up for that list....!
  5. I purchased my MT-07LA from Bikebiz in Parramatta and took delivery 19th August. I just had my first service a few weeks ago. Came to AUD275.00. Service was completed in a matter of hours.
    I've been told by the sales rep that the matt grey is the most popular and that they had none left.
    I've added some Rizoma frame sliders (easy to install yourself if you have a torque wrench), and am glad I went with the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust (which I've been told should pass the Pre-provisional test requirements).
    I did have an issue with stalling the bike which is probably due to my inexperience but I also noted that some riders have had issues with back pressure on the Akrapovics that caused engine cut outs esp at low rpm. I've just given it more throttle and it seems to be ok now - stalls are less frequent now but it's something I am mindful of.
    I wanted to mod the bike like to one pictured on the Rizoma website but am holding off on spending too much money on it for now. Radiator guard I think is a must though. Something I will be looking into.
  6. I got mine from PS Dandenong, Vic. I didn't really want to go back to them to service it, but all other yamaha dealers in the area are booked out for at least a month.

    How does the bike feel after the initial service?

    The rizoma frame sliders look like they would do a good job, how much did they set you back?

    The Ti exhaust is definitely something I'm happy with and yeah there seems to be an issue with backpressure, though I haven't had any cutouts as yet. My next purchase after servicing will be the optional Cat Converter, which I've read is what Akra did their product testing with, meaning response has been tuned with the Cat in, whereas most of us just get the header pipes and muffler it seems...

    I'm finding that having a bike + riding can be an expensive hobby as well!
  7. To be honest I didn't notice much of a change. I'd already cleaned and lubricated the chain a few times already (every 500k's I was told). Most of the service is just going over the bike, lubricating various points and changing the oil. They did set the idle speed so that may account for the reduction in stalls I had been experiencing.

    The Rizoma B-Pro Frame Sliders set me back AUD150.00. I asked the service guys about the torque settings on the engine bolts which they said were 55Nm. Very easy to install. They look a little more refined than some of the other options out there.

    I'd be interested to hear how this works out.

    Agree! I hope to cut back on the riding once I have passed the pre-provisional test. I'm an older guy so I would only need to be on my P1's for a year before getting the full rider's license. Then I can get the bike I truely have my heart set on.
  8. Picked up mine from first service this afternoon. Had only done 600km but wanted them to check on clutch lever and they said anytime from 500 to 1000 is fine for first service. Cost about 265 from Yamaha city at Portside and they were great.

    All I plan on is the complete akrapov exhaust (carbon), but will end up being bottomless pit of mods or gear to keep me at bay until 3yrs is up
  9. 3 years is a long time. I am thankful I have only a year on my P1's as I am over 25. Even though I love the MT-07LA, I would rather put the money towards the next motorcycle.
    I think though as a learner having to go the full three years, the MT-07LA is a damn good bike.

    Glad to see service prices are around the same in NSW and VIC.
  10. Damn didn't realise you guys only have to wait a year, nice. But yeah if I was only waiting a year I probably would have gotten something for half the price n didn't care so much about, although assume you'll get great resale... I'm a lil over 25 too, but guess makes no difference here except I don't have to stick the P plate on bike as open car license. Still have restrictions for 3 years after the Ls, just no Fluoro!
  11. Their she is..Mt-07 rocks.. Akrapovic Titanium exhaust on now..rad guard, R&G frame sliders..more to come, just got save up.

    Have notice once installed Akra, when idle at lights does seem like its going to cut out .but ok so far.

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  12. What is the bike you have your heart set on?

    I got my bike serviced last week, yamaha city managed to fit me in after a cancellation. Feels good to open her up a bit more.
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  13. Yamaha city managed to fit me in after they had a couple of cancellations. They were professional and courteous. The handiwork itself, im not confident enough to say with any backing. It seems like they did a good job. Hows it feel to open her up a bit more?
  14. I noticed after I have done the initial service, freelife, that the bike seems to be doing less up/down at idle. It is part of the first 1000k service schedule to check ignition and idle timing and adjust accordingly from memory. Maybe that is something. Also, I haven't babied it since the service ;)
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  15. Expensive hobby it can be ... especially if you like going shopping on Track Junkie Sales for leathers! I've banned myself from visiting! ha ha ha
  16. Sorry for the late reply. I have my heart set on a BMW R nineT. My granduncle back in post-war Germany had a R51/3. Love the look of the classic BMWs. I couldn't afford the maintenance costs of these old bikes so will opt for the retro rendition.

    How about yourself?
  17. At 2500km, I still experience the odd occasion where the MT-07 with the Akra fitted seems to want to cut out especially when taking off with low rpms. It is something you get used to.
    I attributed my stalls to not applying enough throttle.

    Your MT-07 looks awesome btw.

    One other thing about the Akra - nothing beats that sound going through a tunnel! :woot:
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  18. Loving it, more comfortable ride not worrying about high revs, leaving it in first or second knowing there's a stop or corner not far ahead etc. Although giving it some makes me yearn for an exhaust even more. Was nice cruising along beach road for first time over weekend, especially this time of year but looks like bound for first wet ride to work tomorrow morning...

    Just reading about take off's and throttle below, and I've also noticed that at times I release the clutch a few mm without throttle and it damn near stalls (or does), other times I can let it almost all the way out to engage before I give some throttle. To save from stalling I just always throttle first but still curious as to why, first noob thought is engine temp? I'll read on...
  19. Great ride man.. Any more updates? Those Rizoma pieces OMG droooool.....
  20. Good stuff mate - ride her well.

    Did you have PR3s? fitted or they came stock?
    Seems odd......