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Blueant Wireless. Perfect service.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. About 3 weeks ago I decided to purchase a Q1 Bluetooth headset. I've had a Blueant Z9 and their V1.

    After almost 2 years the Z9 fried when I attempted to charge it and as it was a gift from Blueant in exchange for a review, I thought claiming it on warranty was a bit rich so I decided to purchase the new and improved headset the V1.

    I only had it for 3 weeks before I lost it. Well actually I believe one of the security guards that I worked with stole it but thats another story.

    I looked at replacing the V1 but noticed that there was a Q1 in the making. After some research, I decided to hold off buying a replacement until the Q1 was released. As this was some 6 months away, I bought another brand of headset, used it for one day and it's now somewhere in the bottom of a draw.

    The Q1 is finally released so off I go to the store to buy one. At $150 it's an expensive headset but it's cheaper than $234 and 3 demerit points.

    I'd had the headset for maybe 3 weeks and whilst sitting at work wearing the headset, I lent back on my chair and it fell off my ear hitting the ground and ending up in two pieces.

    Devastated, I call blueant and speak to a technical person there. Stunned at its failure, I was issued with a return authorisation form.
    I print and fill out the form and send it all away to Blueant on Wednesday the 16th December.
    Christmas is nearly here so I figure that some time next year I'll see my headset.

    No, not at all, not next year, not even next week. 6 days later and a parcel arrives at work. It is a brand new, sealed, in the box, a replacement headset with a note apologising for the inconvenience that the return has caused me.

    Now that is what you call service, real customer service.

    Congratulations Blueant and thank you to Jack N. for his service.
  2. Be thankful it wasn't coming from "3" :rofl:.
  3. Yeah exactly!!!! :LOL:
  4. While I don't doubt their service, the unit I brought failed 2 days into ownership (along with a mates identical unit) and both were replaced on warrenty are delivering them to St Kilda road.

    Just recently, the same problem had occurred again, now out of warranty. Both cases, no sound can be heard in the speaker when in use / connected. Microphone still works.

    That also that with the wind noise in my helmet, they are ineffective about 70-80km/h.

    My no like, me no get again. :(

    Getting an iPhone, once I make a little mod to incorporate the mic into my ear molds, i'll be set.
  5. Ya should have gotten earmold to make you up an adaptor for your in-ear bud (the type that comes with the iPhone or any other HF kit) you simply pop the bud into the rubber adaptor and the sound travels up through the sound tube.

    Easy and cheap. I'm in QLD for the expo in Feb, let me know if you want one and I'll pick one up for you.

    What headset did you have that failed?
  6. Not sure on the unit model (at work atm), but it was the single speaker in ear with boom mic coming off it. The main unit could be unplugged from the speaker/mic, could only connect one other rider or one other phone (not at the same time).

    What's this ear molds thing you speak off???

    I've got ear molds with music / sound tube / 3.5mm plug on them. I was going to plug that into the iPhone to listern to music and get audio, and work out the microphone bit later...
  7. Ahh gotchya, nah you need to get yourself a headset and connect to it via BT.
    My earmolds plug into my iPhone and pipe music into my head. When a call comes in it mutes the music and the headset takes over. Finish the call and the music starts again.
  8. Yeah Carri just bought one of these, reckons its da chit
  9. This comment pretty much sums up the industry you work in.....

    Oops, sorry, employed in.....
  10. I'm not racist at all as I hate everyone equally :D but most of these Indians I've worked with are the pits, they are dishonest. The industry would be so much better without so many "students"