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Blueant Interphone Question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Pedro78, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Just wanting to confirm whether Blueant Interphone will recieve radio, music and gps comands from a Nokia Navigator.
    I know the calls will work via bluetooth but just want to confirm if i can use the music and GPS as well.
    Also does anyone know if its possible to add a 2nd earphone to one of these?


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  2. The missus and I have them and no, you cant receive music in them, its only mono anyways. If your after that sort of action, try the scala rider 2 or better yet (if you have the cash) go the scala rider G4....... that has A2DP so you can get your music via bluetooth !!

  3. What about GPS comands from a Nokia Navigator?
  4. Or IMC Camos you get A2DP for stereo music etc from your phone and 12hrs "talk time" =D>, they come form one of the advertisers here too
  5. These things are a heap of shit. Period.

    Ok, I had one, and I'll give a running history of it;

    --me and a mate brought one each as we rode a lot together, on our first over nighter trip with NetRider his speaker gave up, loose connection or something, but he couldn't hear anything. He got his repaired under warranty.

    --a few weeks later mine did the exact same thing, speaker gave up. Warranty again.

    --We used it mainly in urban environments, MR rides etc. I found shortly, anything above 80km/h I couldn't hear shit or if other bikes were close. It's a mono speaker, no good once the wind noise increases.

    I piped music through it once, and the speaker couldn't handle the audio response, it's only designed for voice response which is defined as 20Hz - 4kHz or something. For music you want the full 20Hz - 20kHz or more. The music simply sounded shit.

    Once it was out of the warranty period the speaker died yet again. So I gave up on it.

    I will say however, the battery was fukn sensational. I hardly ever charged it and it worked well for a long period, like, weeks long. Talking constantly between me and a mate it lasted an easy 12 hour day. Range was varying with battery charge, but we managed around 500m max. It was handy with the phone when I was commuting within the city, easy to use etc. The microphone and noise cancellation software was sensational. People couldn't tell I was on the bike unless I revved the engine - it was really good in that respect.

    Battery and Noise Cancellation software.

    Hearing potential, volume, length of life.

    I tried to incorporate my earmolds (which hace now failed AGAIN, f-you earmold AU) with my iPhone for music and the BlueAnt for the microphone to do phone calls. But because the speaker died I couldn't hear the beeps etc to program the iPhone to pair with the BlueAnt. Once I finally did pair it the iPhone was pissing about where to send the audio signal and would keep asking me "headset" "handsfree" "speaker" each time a call came in. I blame the iPhone for that, but it would of been a nice combo, earmold sound and hearing pro, BlueAnt microphone.

    IMHO, don't buy it.
  6. Give Ducfreak a call and see what he can sort out for you.


    I got a Starcom system from him, can't recommend him enough.
  7. Browny YMMV. My interphone experience isn't like yours... but yeh, I wouldn't recommend them for what the OP wants. Definitely go the camos or G4 or similar.

    For helmet to helmet comms or helmet to bluetooth device comms, they're fine and mine was crystal clear well into demerit point speeds. They wont sync with a bluetooth device that is stereo though - which means they will blue tooth to a GPS that issues audio over bluetooth, so long as it's not stereo.
  8. Ymmv = ??
  9. wouldn't it be better as yemv? your experience may vary?
  10. Don't know about that one, but the Camos one will, I use the 300 model with my Nokia 5800 for music & GPS. Unfortunately, it also receives calls. :)
  11. I'm stuck between the g4 and the camos 210.

    I will be using it mainly as a sole rider to listen to music, gps and phone calls via bluetooth all off my iPhone.
  12. Hey LC, I didn't make the internet! lol It's geek l33t txt talk...