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Blue12 Remapped..

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Blue14, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Hey peoples had the 12 remapped yesterday at Dynoverks. Firstly want to say thanks to James for an awesome insight in to what actually happens out there. And Dean what can i say for giving me another 8 horses.. :twisted:

  2. Cool, now you've got more spare, you can give me some :LOL:
  3. nah i want more.. :twisted:
  4. So you got 8hp with just a remap, with no other new mods, from its previous dyno run [-(
  5. Yep with just a remap this bloke got an extra 8 ponies.. :twisted:
  6. blue, do you mind posting your dyno chart? as i also have had my bike dyno'd and a custom map put on it and wouldnt mind seeing the comparison in chart output
  7. Of course you do Paul... never satisfied are ya? hahahaha :p :LOL:
  8. Here is the first dyno chart paul posted before the re-map (just air filter and exhaust i believe).


  9. ok that first dyno reading was ona different machine. It read at 180rwhp. The one used on saturday originally had 167 horses... Then after the remap was putting out a true 175rwhp.. i will put up the dyno reading when i can remember what i done with it.. :grin:
  10. i wouldnt mind that read out, :)

    when i did mine i got an extra 5horses. from 105 to 110.

    how much did it cost you blue ? mine set me back $500 for the custom map and $300 for the power commander i brought.

    i think for the money i spent to the extra gains i recieved, it wasnt really worth it, seeing as i dont race it.
  11. Originally it cost me around $750 for the pc111 with dyno and map. Then last sat for the remap it sost me $220. So all up its cost me almost $1k. But in the end the bike is worth it so its cheap horsepower really. :twisted: