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blue-wheeled blue-balls

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by loki, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone
    Been lurking here for a few weeks, about time i joined.
    picking up my 2stroke prilla in 5weeks and 1day.
    it's...getting painful. been lusting after this bike for a few years now, but when i saw the new model i put a deposit down, aced the learner course and now i'm counting down to my birthday.
    the best gifts, are the ones you give yourself...

  2. If I was rolling in cash I would love to get myself an 06 RS125. They look fantastic and are meant to handle like a dream, you'll definitely enjoy it.

    Just don't leave your keys and bike near me, I might just have to take it for a spin :twisted:.
  3. bikes are such great bang for your buck though. and why buy a semi-thrashed cbr250 off some hooligan teen (sure there's some guilty consciences here:)) for 5grand when you could get brembo brakes and gp-handling brand-new for 10.

    already booked some time off from work for our honeymoon (or 'touring' as i've explained it to my girlfriend)

    and as for grabbing my keys, i'm going to pay the evil monkey from family guy to guard my bike so dream on :D
  4. We'll see about that :twisted:. He'll have his weakness, just like everyone else.
  5. gah...
    14 MORE DAYS

    i've picked out gear. all licensed up.
    even got my car learner license before they made it more of a pain in the ass to get

    i've barely slept all week, the next fortnight is going to be torture...

    any other learners in western Sydney want to go riding, email me
    2stroke-hating long-haired hippy-people need not apply
  6. Gotta love that sort of excitment :)
    Enjoy the ride, Loki
  7. The monkeys weakness is his mrs sleeping with another monkey and him catching them when he gets home from work. Brings a tear to his eye :cry:

    Now grab the keys and share them round :p
  8. after all this buildup ull probably be estatic when you get your bike

    i noe how that feeling is i waited about 11 years for this bike of mine . looked at it everyday knowing that one day ill own one .
    the day i got it i was over the moon

    gud luck
  9. How many days now?????? and hours...... and minutes......
  10. loki an RS125 sweet ride, just look after your baby when you pick it up... and by looking after it I mean making sure you take as many corners at full lean as possible. :)
  11. After the tyres are scrubbed in ofcourse!
  12. he didn't always used to be evil

    i think it was a 2001 bike mag between the rs125 and the single-side armed honda nsr150 that i first fell in love with it. i had a luck at one of the hondas, and it was tacky looking. the prilla was beautiful. i did my license and promptly had a driving ban for a medical thing. so after 5years, half a dozen visits to neurologists and specialists and the new model here we are... was it the 600 gixxer you'd been been lusting after for so long?

    you won't believe it. i was supposed to be picking it up on my 22nd birthday next saturday, but there's been a delay with deliveries so it's looking to be a week later. apparently the white ones are a lot harder to get hold of then the black and gold ones. and as i've taken a week off work to go riding i guess i'll just have to sit around on a beach drinking. i burn too easily in the summer
    but to answer your q, 13 days and 12hours. -ish. depends if i'm not going to be able to sleep and will be sitting on their doorstep at 9am :)

    a bike this fine you have to romance first!
    i'll be babying it plenty :)