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blue slip requirements in nsw

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by lee.T, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. hi all new to forum and have just bought my first bike (1990 fzr250) and have to get a blue slip for it and was just wondering if any one knows if you have to have an on off switch for headlights to gain blue slip or if its ok for lights to just turn on and off with key only. any other things i should check aswell?

  2. Welcome

    Blue Slip is usually just a "Pink Slip" with the extra cost being to locate and record the VIN and engine numbers for the RTA.

    Have used car mechanics in the past and had no issues.
  3. All bikes these days have the lights come on automatically.

    Then your only choice is low or high beams.
  4. Welcome to Netrider

    I assume you mean pink slip, which would be a requirement of getting your blue slip (which isn't even coloured blue anymore...) for a bike in the 90s.

    For a pink slip, the bare minimum (that seems to get checked, anyway) is that your headlamp, indicators, rear tail light, brake light and horn are in working order and that there is nothing on your bike that could become loose or present a danger to other road users through regular use or in the event of an accident. Now what is dangerous is sometimes subjective.

    You should be fine with just turning the headlights on/off with your key.
  5. I do pink slips and blue slips, They are still blue, altho they have just moved blue slips onto the e-safety check system we are still using the blue slips. Generally a blue slip is more thorough even though its not supposed to be, they will get you for things like chain guards and the like. Pink slip might not get you for chain guard obviously it depends on the mechanic.
    Yes in a perfect world it wouldnt depend on the mechanic because they would all be doing it by the book. But its not a perfect world.

    Things i would check.

    Tyres tread must have decent depth and not be below the wear markers. (Some mechanics will measure it i think the minimum for a bike is more than a car)
    Lights all must work and brake light must work independently of each switch, front + rear (For the headlights i would make sure they work and if there is an on/off switch it must be easily accessible and "look" factory)
    Wheel bearings (Grab wheels from the top at the side and make sure no freeplay)
    Brakes (Ride up to 40-60km and stop reasonably hard and make sure they both work well)
    Seat trim (No large rips or tears)
    Oil Leaks (Cant drip onto ground during time of inspection, but if large droplets are forming faiil anyway)
    Security of all levers and controls (nothing loose)
    Nothing loose or dangerous on the bike.
    Throttle must snap back under its own force.
    Shocks must have decent rebound and not be too spongy.
    Vin must match vin sample provided by rta.
    Engine number must match engine number sample provided by rta.
    May need a weighbridge ticket if you dont have the previous rego papers and its an import.

    Umm not sure what else.

    But to answer your main question.
    Yes it is ok for the lights to go off the key only.