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blue slip or pink slip

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by creyz, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. HI, i know this may sound like a noob question (as iam one) my bike has run out of rego since dec 29th 07 and i was just wondering if i needed a pink slip or a blue to get my bike on the road again.
    thanks :grin:

  2. If a vehicle stays unregistered for more than 3 months, it requires a blue-slip to be reregistered.

    Less than that, you can get a normal pink-slip inspection, and go renew your rego as normal... BUT if you've left it for a month, you're paying for 12 months worth of rego that you're only getting 11 months out of.
  3. ^^^ + 1 - oh and if they stop you for riding an unregistered bike make sure to tell the myou are on your way to the mechanic/rta - or else you will be $497 poorer.

    I git stung driving someone elses car,

    But they did the right thing and are paying it themselves.
  4. ^ I think that's less of an excuse, now that you don't have to attend a motor registry in person to do the paperwork unless handing in/getting number plates.
  5. it says on the RTA website that there are three exceptions to driving a vehicle unregoed, that is to the mechanic for pink slip, the insurer for greenslip and the RTA to pay the rego. cant be arsed posting a link but i read this about a month ago.

  6. +1

    It also has a general 'can use it for any general registration purpose' bit. Obviously you can't take it for a fang, but if you book in to wherever you are taking it, if you're pulled over you can tell them where you are going, provide the number if they want to check.

    And if the vehicle is used, you must attend the rta IN PERSON to register it, unless its joint rego.
  7. Only if you're transferring registration or doing something with number plates.

    The pink slip system is electronic now - so you after your inspection, you can just pay online.

    ... also means, if one place fails your vehicle, you can't just take it somewhere else until someone passes it, as is :eek:
  8. Ah yes, forgot to add that.

    I was at rta yesterday and they were trying to tell me that since the receipt of ownership wasn't in my name, I couldn't be listed on registration (as second name on registration). I put up a fuss and they just did it... silly rta..