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NSW Blue Slip - No after market exhaust?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gsxrjames, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm trying to arrange a blue slip to transfer my bike from Vic to NSW.
    I've rang a local mechanic who told me that he cant pass a bike with an after market slip on, regardless of noise.

    Is this true? I though it would just be a db reading. ](*,) It's passed two Vic roadworthys with the aftermarket and an EPA roadside test.

    He mentioned something about having it officially tested and stamped but it's too expensive so he wont pass it.

    Has anyone got any advice? Know of a tester who will pass an aftermarket, or know where to borrow a stock pipe from?

    Very frustrating. I thought I'd be able to ride to mechanic, then to the RTA and have it all sorted.


  2. Bike?
  3. I'm going to take a stab at it and say "GSXR".
  4. It's a 2000 gsxr 750. A loan pipe would be great but is it really necessary? Surely this state isn't crazy enough to only pass standard exhausts?

    If someone could confirm if it's judged on a noise rating that would be awesome. I'm hoping the guy I spoke to was just being lazy and/or doesn't have a noise testing mic. At 4,000rpm which I think is the vic testing range it really isn't that loud.
  5. I just spoke with the workshop manager where I work and the bloke you took it to is technically correct.
  6. The blue slip guy I used to go to would just say, "Now, it didn't have that Yoshimura exhaust on it when you came in here, did it...?!"
    I would reply, "No" and he would then give me a blue slip.
  7. Yes, yes it is. In fact I seem to recall a while back they were trying to make it illegal for any bike not to have a standard/approved exhaust - including those merely visiting from interstate.
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  8. Hmm ok thanks. If anyone wants to pm me a wrecked who'll do a loan I'd be ever so grateful :)
  9. if only this is true ,,then i wont have to listen to those 250cc jap bikes with after market cans
  10. Read the OP properly!
  11. The solution is to buy something made prior to 1989 - they're exempt from the current emissions laws :).
  12. I've found one on ebay which may be suitable. Bit of a drive but looks like my only option atm. A bike mechanic that does blue slips said they may be able to baffle it and stamp it as legal so I'm getting conflicting advice :(. Does anyone know with certainty if only oem will pass a blue slip OR can an aftermarket pass if below a benchmark db reading?

    As soon as they said we'll need to test and design a baffle (without actually hearing the bike) it just sounded like they're trying to con me for $$$. If aftermarkets are ok, It should be fine the way it is...
  13. Relevent rules are here:
    Aftermarket cans aren't specifically prohibited (just not advised), but can be considered as "defective" if they're louder than the limits - or if the person doing the testing thinks it's louder.
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  14. Issue isnt just the noise, its that a lot of stock pipes have the cat built in, and aftermarket pipes dont have cats (usually).
    Thats the issue i have, but i DO have an inpipe pre-cat and plan to claim ignorance because the manual says the cat is there in the pipe *points*. Im sure it wont work but hey, the manual DOES say thats where the cat is (even though its a pre-cat).
  15. Found an aftermarket muffler option that might be suitable
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  16. Thanks that's what I needed. 94 db limit, no requirement to be oem, same standard it's previously passed in vic. I guess the testers here are just lazy.
  17. Mate just try somewhere else. There's got to be some mechanics in Sydney with their head screwed on the right way.
  18. Take it to a car mechanic - no vested interest in finding something wrong.
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  19. James,

    Did you read my previous post? VicRoads will not allow non OEM pipes, and require the RW tester to take photos of the bike as inspected. They are carrying out random spot checks of testers to ensure compliance and holding the tester responsible for any errors. It's not worth anyone's business to fudge the results these days,
  20. Could be wrong but I don't think emissions is the issue in this case. The standard muffler doesn't have a cat afaik.

    I'll have the mechanic test the volume. If they show me its in breach and are willing to baffle for a decent price than I'm happy enough. I just dont want to be charged for something (or forced to find another muffler) if my current is legal.
    Thanks for the feedback.