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Blue n Black 05' VTR250 - almost on the road

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by shonofear, May 10, 2011.

  1. Ill admit, I feel a little silly to be honest, going to an auction only looking at the bike 15mins prior to the start. it was the first item of the auction as well and I ended up getting it for $2300 + $268 auction fee
    for an 05 VTR250 in pretty good nick, 25k odom
    but if all goes to plan hope to have it on road for little over $3 geez
    at the moment posted over in maintenance section with steps to waking her up from her slumber (flat battery so assuming its been sitting a little while)
    ill post some pics in next few days, hopefully by then it will be ripping up the streets I mean gracefully cruising the roads.

    massive gamble I took being such a NooB and all but if Gods favour be with me, she'll be worth her while in the end :p
    i guess i wont loose money if have to sell anytime sooner than expected.


    reporting back in with some good/expected yet unexpected news on the bike.
    got a new battery, wacked it in, tried to kick here over.....
    almost, almost, almost BAM!!!! biggest backfire heard in me life.
    anyway, so go...
    soo took it into Hinterland since I still had the trailer hired, did some prior phone calls/quotes etc. but Hinterland seemed to offer the best price.
    heres the final damage:

    $45- RWC
    $145- front tire
    $220- chain/sprockets
    $130- forks realign (he called but not exactly sure what he was talking about???)

    so in the end, on road ride away (6 months REGO)
    comes close to $3600-

    definitely more that I originally wanted to pay and to much worry factor being first time buyer buying from a flipping auction, haha.
    still need some gear as well...

    ok the last of all this saga is this....
    I may now have a job opportunity in Auckland NZ for 6 months starting in 1 month. sorta saddens me heart a bit, but need the coin from the job.
    if get the job hope to eventually get a bike over there, but most probably will be cold and rainy :(
    so if i needed to sell quickly i may end up getting less than my total purchase costs, meh, such is life i guess.

    enough of the talking, show us the pics already.


    yep, she needs some TLC starting with a clean
  2. Congrat's! Hopefully she fires up no worries and turns out to be a great issue free little bike. :D Looking forward to the pics.
  3. put into 1st post...
  4. mate pics havn't uploaded. Or maybe I am having trouble viewing them.
  5. I can see them.
  6. yea Safari is also not showing them
    neither is FireFox...
  7. pics fixed,
    pick up bike this arvo, happy face
  8. You still got yourself a bargain i reckon! Depends how many more KMs you put on that odometer, your chances of at least breaking even at resale are pretty good.