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Blue Mountains riders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rocet, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Gday all.
    First time post and new to Net riders and the Blue Mountains.
    Me and a mate residing up in the beautiful mountains are looking at forming a motorcycle group for people that are local in the mountains for day trips and the compulsory overnight stays at a pub.
    We usually start at a coffee shop called charlies Aroma cafe in Raymond Road SPRINGWOOD NSW and go from there.
    Incidentally the owner Charlie is also a keen rider and I dont think you could find better service in the mountains.
    Anyhow, drop me a line by responding.
    Our clubs website will hopefully be up and running soon. Ill keep you posted.

  2. I'm not from the mountains, but my Nan lives in Winmalee so where up that way a bit.

    Interested in a link when its up....
  3. Hi and welcome to NR.

    I'm based in Penrith and interested in this - sounds pretty good.

  4. G'day rocet,
    I'm a Blackheathen and its good to have some more netriders up here in the mountains.
  5. Blue Mountains Ride Day Monday 8 June 2009

    Planning a trip with a friend to put some K's on my new bike Monday 8 June 09 if anyone is interested meeting up.

    The plan is to Meet at Charlies Aroma Cafe, Raymond Tce Springwood, NSW at 0900am for a quick Coffee.

    From there, head down Hawkesbury road to Richmond, onto Kurrajong Road becoming Bells line of Road for 60 odd kms becoming Chifley Road becoming Main for about 18kms.
    Onto the Great Western again for 60km out to Bathurst where we can stop for lunch. (some may like to try out the Mount Panorama Race track :shock: ) Coming back we can either use the Great Western towards Sydney or O'Connell Road to Oberon then onto Duckmaloi Road, Jenolan Caves Road joining the Great Western back at Hartley for the trip back towards Sydney.

    I think this should just about finish the day as I think its about 5 hours ride without a lunch stop and about 360kms all up.

    Anyhow thats the plan so far. Will place another post tonight to see how many are interested, and to check to make sure the weather will be ok etc. I envisage a post by 9pm.

  6. Looks like a goer

    Looks like a goer at this stage although the weather man thinks there could be some rain near Bathurst.
    My mate looks like he cant make it, but see what happens. May be a solo affair. :grin:
  7. looks like a fun ride but unfortunately I cant make it tomorrow.

    maybe another time