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Blue Mountains B&B

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Swerve, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    Gradually getting the Mrs on the bike. Wanting to go to the Blue Mountain weekend after next and stay at a B&B.

    Just taking bare essentials and a change of casual clothes. Question anyone know a good romantic B&B to stay at ?


  2. We had a really good time here last year. Pack a bottle of wine and a picnic , walk the walk that starts outside the gate, and watch the sunset.

  3. Can't offer too much advice on B&Bs as I have never needed to stay in one - I used to live there instead! I know Leura pretty well. There are plenty of B&Bs down from Leura Mall shops but you will probably pay a bit for the name "Leura". Wentworth Falls should have some good places and should be a bit cheaper.

    If you are in Leura and want a fantastic view without the tourists, drive down the end of the mall and veer left at the end. When you see Leuralla(the toy and train museum), opposite there is a garden on the cliff side of the road that looks over the valley. Park nearby, look to the very right of the garden and you will see a little dirt track next to a double-storey cream brick house. Walk down there and you will see a set of stairs. It is about 100m down the stairs to Olympian Rock. From Olympian Rock you get just as good a view as at the 3 sisters but without the tourists or parking hassles.

    Oh, and the pie shop in Leura mall about 5 shops down from the train station does great pies.
  4. I road up there the othere day ,the road is a great learner ride from penrith up.
    I went to echo echo echo point :wink: ,and couldn't really park in a good spot ,so I look at left turn just past the echo point tourist place ,found a great little road with twistys ,its only 3km long if that ,but HUGE FUN ,did it about 6 times.
    Its tourist drive #5 ,or called edge drive ,or cliff drive ,some thing like that.
  5. Shoot a Pm to suzyq she lives up there
  6. Cliff Drive. It runs from Leura all the way round past the three sisters and comes around the west end of Katoomba before rejoining the Highway at the new Aunty Dawn Colless Overpass. It is good fun but can be a bit treacherous for a number of reasons. Tourists stopping in the middle of blind corners to admire the view, cliff runoff making parts of corners wet and/or mossy and leaf litter/dirt from driveways. I hardly ever do the run around the back of Katoomba because it is just too hazardous to do at any speed.