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blue chickenstrips?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Prawns, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. This is probably going to sound crazy, but the edges of my rear tyre have decided to develop a blueish colour.

    I used to have probably <5mm of chickenstrips on each side of the tyre, these look to have grown to about 1.5cm and have a blue tinge now that wasnt there before.

    Apart from suggesting I visit a mental asylum, anybody have a clue whats going on? They are pirelli diablo corsers

  2. It's normal. A blue color means that the tyre has gotten warm at that point.
  3. growing mould from lack of use, :p
  4. Ahhh... I dont think its mould, have you seen him ride?! LOL

    Hi there prawns,
    I would have to agree with Cathar ans say its a wear or condition indicator of some sort, probably the sidewall of the tyre screaming for mercy!!!! Maybe up for another tyre soon, eh, what did you get outta this one ...... 2,000km??? Just Jokes, prawns is the most relaxed, safe and overall law obiding rider I know................ he should ride a scooter...........(that hurt!)LOL LOL LOL

    We'll catch up soon eh

  5. Are they duel compound tryes?
  6. Im not sure if they are dual compound or not, I couldnt find specs anywhere but its this tyre

    Hey Tim your gunna have to change your username! I guess I am a bit "spirited" in my riding sometimes, but my tyres usually last 3-3.5k :)
    If I got a scooter I wonder if I could join that scooter gang we seen at maccas?
    When are you getting your new bike? Will definatly have to meetup for a ride to test it out :)

    PS. Its a heat thing I guess - Ive been practising a favourite corner of mine over last few weeks and I gues the small powerslides have done it.
  7. It's definitely heat mate, and it doesn't have to be a dual compound tyre to do it, although softer compounds will do it more than harder ones, but that's also due to a heat issue. Softer compounds heat up faster.

    Go do any track day, and walk around and take a look at the tyres of anyone who's going decently quick, and they'll all have a blue coloring. Look at any post race tyre up close, and the tyre will be all shiny blue almost everywhere.

    It all comes down to the amount of heat that's going into the tyre, whether that's done by torsional stresses at high lean (the edge of the tyre), or through slamming the power on hard when exiting a corner up off the edge of the tyre (and getting the tyre spin up will make it even more pronounced), the tyre rubber will get hot and start turning blue in color.

    If you've ridden on harder compound tyres, you won't notice it so much 'cos such tyres rarely get warm enough for it to occur.
  8. Cheers for all the info Cathar -

    Your right - I used to run harder compound tyres but found I tended to cold tear them alot (and longevity went out the window) and your correct in your guess that I never saw those tyres go blue (they tended just to melt a bit I guess or go into spagetti strips if anything)

    The blue shiny bit looks really smooth and slippery, its not going to affect grip is it?
  9. May be a diferent Blue daniel but when I got my CBR it had blue tyres through lack of use, and most tyres I have seen at track days or race tyres are actaully torn up not smooth and shiny blue. slicks and treaded tyres tear I have found at the track and my current tyres get blue on the edges if I do prolonged commuting, just what I have found may be totally difffrent.
  10. Prawns, I pick up the new bike on tuesday or wednesday, and will be DEFINATELY riding this weekend!! I'll let yas know. a ride up the bay somewhere would be a good casual first ride!! Then maybe wollombi!!


    P.S. "scooter gang" LOL hahaha that makes me laugh!!!!!! No offence to the scootereseses amongst us, but those two words just dont mix!!
  11. Hmmmm, I tend to use the whole of my tyre on nearly every ride so Im not sure if its lack of use as this is a half life tyre (heat would fit in with Cathar as I have been sliding round this recently)


    Tim - Im going to teach you this trick called "overtaking" now you got a bigger bike mate :p hahahhaha
    Im up for a ride this weekend, wherever Im easy, I bet you have 5,000 kms on it by the time I see it! hahahah :p
  12. mate if your power sliding I garuntee you you wont be using your tyre to the edge you would be laying on the ground if that were the case, but just what I seen heat don't mean blue in a tyre unless its heat to a spot that hasn't touched the surface Ie. heating up the rest of the tyre but the bit that is close to it meaning the outside is heating up to as its part of the case but it aint touching the road? maybe
  13. I've never noticed it to affect grip. I mean, I've pulled in off the track, tyres all bluish, and then headed out again for another session an hour later, and provided you don't go to full peg-scraping lean on the first corner, have never noticed a problem with grip.

    I have a private theory that it may be due to certain tyre compounds too. Not all tyres do it.

    Some people say that a faint blue tinge is okay, but if it's very blue and glossy, then this means that you've cooked the rubber. I've had tyres that will just ball and shred, and never turn blue, and I've had tyres that would turn blue at the drop of a hat. My current Metzeler M3's are blue at the edges just from road riding, but I've never noticed a drop in grip level on the public road.
  14. I never said I powerslid the bike right on the edge of the tyre! - heheheh no deathwish here :p
    Its just that the edge of the tyre is where its gone smooth, shiny and blueish, normally my riding uses nearly the whole tyre but doesnt involve sliding :)

    Edit (I take ages to type)
    All my tyres have pretty much shredded too Cathar (I call it the spaghetti incidents), Ive never hit one that turned smooth and blue until now but this is also the softest compound Ive ever run. It is pretty glossy unfortunatly, I might take it easy incase for a while, and see if I can get it to crater up again as it used to be.
  15. I've been told that it's due to the carbon in the tyre compound heating up.
  16. Just stirrin daniel, Though I have heard numerous times people say with new bikes like ones been sitting in shops for a while or waiting to be sold etc ...be careful on the blue tyres!!! dats all I am saying
  17. My vote is for unused area, but thats just because Ive seen the sissy ride. Maybe its something like blue balls and lack of use.

    Think of the upside mate at least they will match ya bike now.
  18. hahahhaha - If only I can now get the front tyre blue...
    (you can actually buy coloured tyres too lol)
  19. Mate, blue edges means that the tyres have overheated. Usually you see that often with sports touring tyres that are not designed for aggressive riding ie track days etc.

    Sports tyres shouldn't turn blue as much. It might be because your tyre pressures are too high. If you were doing a track day, you'd drop your front and rear to 30psi. So it could be that your rear is running high pressures and you're going hard, causing it to heat up too much and expand.

    You'll still get grip where it's blue, it's just reducing the tyre life a little.

    Hope that helps
  20. Cheers mate, yep am runing 36pis front and rear. Might drop the pressure off a bit at work today.
    (didnt this topic open a can 'o worms!) hahahahhaha

    I knew it wasnt lack of use as I check my tyres after each ride. I would take a photo for you guys, but my good digicam died this weekend after my missus borrowed it :( and the webcam just isnt up to the task

    I might try and line up a few parts runs at work this week and get it back to the cratered look - at quick glance it does look like glossy chickenstrips until you look closer, and you see its much too glossy and bluish for chickenstrips (and very small melt marks here and there)

    Re fishing expedition :p - I can show you how to get blue tyres too monkey, but to do this you would have to keep up this time.....

    Cheers for everybodys input and help
    Will see some of you guys soon for another rideday hopefully (and get to see what tim can do with extra ground clearance - he will get blue tyres next!)