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Blue Blackbird

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by deadman, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Getting on in Years, Hahahaha, So I bought my self a new pretty second hand Slow Blue Blackbird, Its an age thing, So Im told,

    40 Thou on the clock, Just run in, Its actually Brand New In Blackbird Terms,
    New sprockets, Pads, Chain, Tyres, Lots of Bling, Set of leathers, 3 F/F Helmets, Etc Etc, And more to come,

    It fires up first hit, Like normal, No Black crud hanging out the exhaust, no smoke, Its Fine, Test ride, Nope, I know what a Blackbird rides like, I can see its not damaged, Here's your cash, Sign the papers, Away on my new Bird,

    Rode it 40 Kays home, Those Idiotic clipons are killing my wrists,
    My Handleabilty is gone, I cant chuck it around, Its a Bloody Track Bike,

    Straight Line Screaming Demon, Hopeless for a 10 hour ride thru the Twistys,

    I Ride to Enjoy, And Not to be in Pain,

    Risers, First cab off the rack, I need a Bike I can Ride,

    Other than that, I love it, Its in my Favorite Colour as well,

    Hands off the bars at speed, It tracks dead straight, Yep, I am Happy,

    2005 Model, $5300-00 with 6 weeks Rego, And all the Bling,

    Did I mention that I am Stoked with my New Bird,


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  2. Wow that's a lot of bike for 5 grand, congratulations deadman!
  3. I have to make the most of my non existant funds, So thats what I ended up with,

    Its Nice isnt it, Hahahaha I cant see it when I am riding it, So I am sitting admiring it, Sic Bastard, Hahahaha

    I know the Bird Backwards, So it came down to colour and bling, From 2002, They are all Clones, Identical,

    I really wanted a Blue One, They are a GROUSE COLOUR,
  4. Congrats on your purchase Brian, but will we be seeing you in leathers?? Soon you'll be ready to hit the High Country again:D

    Must be the season for getting new bikes, mmmm:sneaky:
  5. Two things:
    1) congrats on the new bike, looks gorgeous
    2) Your seemingly random capitalisation is odd. How do you choose which words to capitilise?
  6. congrats Deadman! Nice colour
  7. The Capitalisation of Individual Words, Emphasises the Points I am Trying to Make in my Texts,

    Its the printed word, You cant hear the the differing inflections in my voice or see the expression on my face,

    So thats how I try to get my message across with out it being distorted or taken out of context,

    Does that explain it enough,

  8. Nice one ! Looks like the Bird has definitely got it's talons hooked into you !;)
  9. Not really lol, but carry on my wayward son
  10. Well done Brian happy for you mate(y)
  11. All's right with the world again. Deadman without a bird; things were just getting too freaky. Congratulations Brian, things are better in blue. :)
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  12. Well Done; very glad to hear you have a new Bird in just the right colour.

    Enjoy her.

    Cheers Jeremy