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Blue Ant Interphones - awesome

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AmBam, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Just wanted to give a review on the new BlueAnt Interphones. The other half made me get some so I don't go screwing up on the roads, especially when riding with him...he doesn't trust me... :roll:

    These intercoms are absolutely brilliant!!! :grin: The reception is clear as anything and can go up to 150m apart. I give them a big thumbs up!
    Its especially good being able to talk to your mates while riding along, and good for the learners as well when you can communicate with a mate out on the ride with you - if only to say SSSHIIIIIITTTTT :shock:

  2. ambam, post a link and details of them please..

    might help the others of us to know what your on about :D
  3. wow! nice one :)

    i might look into this later on, when my girl starts pillioning with me a bit.

    cheers for the link :D
  4. Is that $249 for one or two? Looks like one on the packet... so $500 for a chat? Nice luxury but too $$ IMHO.
  5. Thats 249 EACH!!!!!! :shock:
    Its pretty pricy and I was damn skeptical about it but they're fantastic.
    WE got ours for 220 each so a bit cheaper...
    Well worth it though :)
  6. That pricing is absurd! Are there any cheaper alternatives out there? $100 for a pair I could probably talk myself into - but $500 for a couple of fancy bluetooth headsets?! I can understand a little bit of extra thought has gone into these to make the motorcycle-proof, but they're not worth 10 times the price. :p

    Glad to hear they work well. They'd want to. :LOL:
  7. 150m only?
    Hmmm. Not enough!
  8. Hello all,

    Question: The page says "up to 130km/h". What happens when you exceed that? Do they come off the helmet, start crackling???

    Not that I make a habit of going 140, mind you...
  9. Wind noise would be substantial when going over 140.
  10. I tried such a priced set. Total rubbish. I can tell you there is no point spending ANY less than 150 per headset (unless you're talking about pillion communication). I took mine back as you couldn't hear the other person, even at idle speed. And it claimed to have good noise reduction and 8km capability.. What a crock. If you really want it, spend the cash and enjoy it.

    I'll definitely look into getting a pair early next year when I get to pillion my hot friends (sorry ugly friends :p)
  11. That's the thing. While you and I might be willing to fork out the dough, what about your mates who may think that it's a waste of dough? No point in buying one just to talk to yourself, huh?

    I ride with guys who aren't poor. But when I suggested that we do this (get a few bike intercoms) one year for our regular 2/3 day rides I got laughed at, jeered and finally was stoned (there were no women at the stoning that we could tell). Luckily I never commented on how the fish that I had for dinner the night before was good enough for Jehovah. I'd have been screwed for sure...

    What I'd probably do, once the Minister for Finance has released funds for budgetary expenditure other than capital works (read "rennos"), I might treat myself to something similar to listen to a radio or mp3 player, talking navigator and the mobile. Might as well go the whole hog, I s'pose if no other prick wants to chat to me on our rides...
  12. I agree, too expensive for far too little range. If they had 1km range at that price, they'd have a winner. It's very easy to get 1km apart on group rides, or touring with a couple of people.
    Radios kill them at that price..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Just a few questions as the site really doesn't explain alot as per usual..

    How do they go sitting in the helmet, have to move any padding or do they sit behind the padding..??

    How does it go with put your helmet on and off...??

    Interested to know the volume and sound of the units with regard the normal helmet noise...

    This would be something perfect for me, can answer the phone listen to the GPS and play MP3s all at once when on the road for work....

    Thanks for the report ambam
  14. Oh, for sure, that's what I want....


    I have a list as long as my arm for all the gadgets and accessories (clothing/bike) that I'd like. If I did get them all, I could have bought a new Ducati 1098s complete with matching Dainese leathers for the same cost...
  15. Now these are a mono solution... but i you want your bluetooth for both phone and music, you need two speakers. has any one seen a two speaker equivilent?
  16. Agreed but will take what I can get...