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Blown head gasket.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, May 18, 2010.

  1. My Honda CBR250R has recently done its head gasket. At 81500 kms its finally died. I've always looked after it and taken good care of it.

    Its went through 3 batteries but that stopped with a new voltage regulator. The kill switch wires burnt out and fried at one point so I couldnt start it.
    The thermostat has died on me + temp guage.
    The radiator cap itself was damaged / not working.
    New spark plugs.
    Starter motor. The list goes on.

    It cost 3200 used and I would say I've spend easily $1500 on it perhaps more. Im left with a few options.

    A) Order the part and fix it myself. Too involved, im not much of a mechanic dont have the tools etc.

    8) IF it gets working, the dealership would take it for 1500. I can take it to get fixed for 500.

    C) I got a quote for $500 to fix it at mechanic. I could then potentially sell it privately for $2000 to $2500. ( Most are listed as $4000).

    D) Sell it to a motorcycle wreckers. Anyone know any good ones in Brisbane?

    E) Let one of you guys steal it.

  2. Fix it!

    Ride it!
  3. sad, but the 81,500 kms are probably just a fraction of its real mileage, and the top-end damage is almost certainly the result of the other things that weren't working that are supposed to protect you from this expense.

    Depends on how much you love it, or need it, but I reckon it's a lost cause, and unless you do regular maintenance and fix the warning systems, at least, any other bike you get may well end up the same :(.