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Blown Fuse?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Owen, May 29, 2007.

  1. Hey people, started my bike the other night (GS500) and noticed the light for the taco was blown out, as i was riding i noticed a melting plastic smell. Got off and smelt like it was coming from under the seat near where the hose comes out from the battery. Now everytime i run my bike it has that same smell. Wondering if this is a blown fuse and is connected with the fact the taco light is blown or what?

    Any ideas would be had.

    Cheers, Owen :cool:
  2. regulator/rectifier maybe
  3. Is that bad??
  4. Depends, mine melted, I replaced it with an after market one. All good, then I crashed:) :rofl:
  5. What does it do? And what are they worth?
  6. regulates voltage.

    I paid $155 and fitted it myself, well, fatal fitted it for me, i supervised ;)
  7. Owen, it doesn't seem like a blown fuse.
    IF all that doesn't work is the tach light, and youve ridden a few times without the battery going flat I'd warrant the reg/rec is OK too. My guess is that the battery breather pipe (or another breather pipe) has been knocked or bumped onto the exhaust. Check around under there before jumping in too deep.
  8. The light for the tacho is a 10mm push type iirc (and i should i have one sitting here on the desk next to me :LOL: )

    Check the breather pipe as suggested above; as you're getting a constant smell it won't be the fuse.
  9. Well the smell has kinda stopped by itself??? I guess whatever was burning has burnt off! I checked the breather pipes, they are fine.

    So not sure anymore, so ginji, where do i get a 10mm push type iirc?
  10. iirc means "if i remember correctly"
  11. any car or motorcycle shop should stock em. The stock ones are 1.7 Watts, but i have 3W lights in both the speedo and tacho without any issues. (They are also called slotted lights...)